✔ DiResta Reclaimed Wood Table

Upcycled Garden Furniture Ideas Scrap Metal Art by Raymond Guest
December 15, 2016
Antique Wrought Iron Nails Get New Life
December 15, 2016

All this wood was “found on the streets of NYC”

This video was first on Make in 2013, Now i have a larger audience so I am slowly introducing old videos to my channel

love and respect! jimmy

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  1. If you don't mind me asking, what are the name of those slip on boots you wear?

  2. SimmonSays says:

    Great! Please upload more videos that are not on this channel. I've only seen the ones that are here. Love your work!

  3. hey jimmy what product did you coat the table with at the end of the video?

  4. Us long time viewers don't mind….your stuff is that good. :)

  5. That thing is a beaut!

  6. inUR2teeth says:

    …"All this wood was found on the streets of NYC"…. and Jimmy's brother to add: "Thaaaank You!" hehe

  7. Eres un genio con tu obras de arte en trabajar la madera

  8. why the title warning?

  9. nice work , we say in arabic , ((عمل رائع )) we love what you do …thanks

  10. Jody Wheeler says:

    Hey Jimmy design a bbq pit and make it that would be so awesome.

  11. Awesome work Jimmy! Quick question: Do you have any videos on your design process before you start building? That would cool to see too. Cheers!

  12. Joshua 1776 says:

    Beautiful table, i would give it a metal trim on top of your table to match you wood bench, not a bad set up for a sun room to have some sweet tea…

  13. Funny thing is, this is normal speed for Jimmy

  14. SuperYarb says:

    Hey jimmy I never seen the video so good re upload dude and keep up the good work and I'm definitely going to use some of the JAX bronze darkener very informal.

  15. I swear diresta can look at some pieces of rotten looking wood and say to him self "I can make a table out of that". Then he will take the nails from the wood and make bottle openers with em.

  16. NZDIRT says:

    Inspired me to want to make a bar leaner out of some new sleepers i have lying around

  17. This is just about the coolest table I've ever seen before.

  18. My God, if you make that it has to be so sturdy to hold the weight of your manhood…. Damn that was just a simple manual to grade up your man-card!!

  19. Some retarded medieval table

  20. Moogentro says:

    im learning alot watching your videos. i bet the assembly here felt like a breeze compared to your other stuff.

  21. comarka rap says:

    make a double decker bed and a house or only the bed

  22. AWESOME , i need to make a table like this :D

  23. Muito legal. De tudo que eu já vi você fazendo aqui no seu canal, essa é a mais viável para mim. Tenho poucas ferramentas em casa, e não sou profissional. Mas adorei seu trabalho.

  24. Pretty cool, but if it were me I'd have planed all the wood first – you never know what got embedded in the surface. Still, if it's an outdoor or workshop table, I guess that's no big deal.

  25. HonestL says:

    sorry for the dumb question but does anyone know what he spreads onto the would for the finish im just getting into wood work but I can not remember what it's called

  26. I will never throw such a woods,,,,,,many thanks

  27. end ru says:

    Ciekawy projekt i wykonanie. Pozdrawiam

  28. Tihij111 says:

    Херня какая-то получилась

  29. Meno Deno says:

    Keep the great videos coming.

  30. What did you do to turn the bolt black??

  31. Jon Miles says:

    What did you paint on the wood at the end? i am trying to find something to use as a finish for reclaimed wood. I'm just starting (novice). Thanks for the knowledge!!

  32. I like the simple and minimal way how its assebled, cool!

  33. Kara13 says:

    Its look like : a table? ok lets me just 1 hour

  34. What were you putting on the nuts to turn the color

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