✔ DiResta Steel & Wood Bench

JTI Office by TTT architects, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam
March 23, 2017
Wonderful Wood
March 25, 2017

This bench was made for the front of the building where my shop is in NYC. The design was a inspired by the bunch of Ipe (the wood) cut offs my buddy left in my shop. The metal was about 100 $
2″x2″ tube and arm rest isn 2″x4″ Enjoy!

I use my MP 210 from Lincoln Electric get it here:

The chop saw compliments of http://www.evolutionpowertools.com/us/
Get one!! it works great.

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  1. Ryan Wight says:

    Looks pretty uncomfortable

  2. jzz mooch says:

    Love it.
    beautiful piece of furniture.
    from detroit city.
    area of the 313.
    go airforce

  3. Pablo Paz says:

    jajajaja 2:25 "pero que rayos?!?! hace unos instantes estaba a escuadra" No hay nada que no se calibre con un golpe xD

  4. Junior Bueno says:

    Muito boa edição !!!!

  5. Edge Mcsnob says:

    it's awesome. horizontal leg gusset would have been nice. beautiful work as always

  6. Nature King says:

    well this sure is a very strong long lasting bench,and secured too

  7. tom thompson says:

    cant believe it needed chaining down ,,lol ,,, good is the man who would try and run away with that weight.

  8. Gooding6708 says:

    use flux core its stronger and doesnt require gas and lays flatter so you dont have to grind only thing is has slag so you must drag

  9. At 6:30, why does he do those little welds on top of the tack welds instead of welding the entire bar stock to the square tubing? I'm curious, I've seen these types of mini welds before on some powerlifting equipment…

  10. dan guralnek says:

    This video says so much without using any actual words….Kol hakavod

  11. Roy Bean says:

    i love the shim under the front leg … you couldn't anticipate that tweaked sidewalk !

  12. I guess if someone really wanted that bench they could unscrew those tapcons and take it…

  13. RantZ_IE says:

    I'm confused, his shop is NYC but his home is not? Does he travel into the city to work? Why?

  14. Seb M says:

    Great bench seat, looks really comfy too. Can you putting up some dimensions for us amateurs. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  15. Who is the guy who sat next to you Jim?

  16. What kind of blade is that in the saw? And can that blade be used on other saws?

  17. Adan Gasca says:

    Hello friend jimmy I am a great admirer of your work and wanted to ask you a question could be a bench with a welder of freight harbor 90 amp flux core

  18. naarbin says:

    How I envy you your workshop, shiet 😀

  19. Nick Tartell says:

    I'd like to see a video of you making a smoker or a grill something welded so I can see how you would do it that be an awesome video

  20. DIYDevilDoc says:

    Amazing bench. Love the video.

  21. 고지식 says:

    hi diresta i m your koream pan this video is very assome and very goood all day watch your video

  22. frankie2234 says:

    What gauge of metal and what kind of chop box blade where you using to cut the steel ? NICE !!!

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