Appalachian craftsman makes unique woodwork furniture with traditional hand tools

Garden Art ideas by Raymond Guest
April 18, 2017
Nothing Wasted
April 20, 2017


  1. Javaman92 says:

    Now that is how life is suppose to be! Going out to your shop to play. It's obvious this craftsman is doing something he loves, it comes through.

  2. Love ya granpa, god bless ya!

  3. You could click this link to get the specific wood working diagram & tutorials

  4. That Is so cool! thanks for shearing the passion!

  5. Sorry about that, the dude's name is Woody Hyezmar, was gonna sell his collection of plans, now he's giving them away lol.

  6. thank you for sharing your knowledge

  7. Your selfconsiouness is overwhelming

  8. vincent7520 says:

    Fun, but … let's say not my taste at all ! …

  9. Yes – its too much (consideration your seemingly humble voice)

  10. Murat Güney says:

    I love that kin of men. Meticilous…

  11. It is absolutely a great life when you do what you love to do, and you get paid for it! Don't we all wish we could live like that. Thankyou for the uplifting video!!!

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