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May 6, 2017
Beer as a Furniture Stain
May 8, 2017

In the Video I made a cost effective backsplash from reclaimed Pallets for my laundry room.

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Danish oil –

Tools used
– Sander –
– 220 Grit Sand paper –
– 60 Grit Sand paper –
– Thickness Planer
– Table saw
– Circle saw
– Miter Saw
– Counter sink Bit

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——————————–Tools in my Shop ——————————–

………………………Safety First ………………….
Safety eyewear 1 –
Safety Glasses –
Dust Mask –
Hearing protection with Bluetooth
Hearing protection

………………………Power Tools ………………….
Table Saw – Ridgid R1512
Ridgid R4330 Planer
Dewalt Hand Planer
Benchtop Wood Lathe
Air Compressor
Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press
Craftsman Band Saw
Bench Sander
Belt Sander
Laminate Trim Router
Angle Grinder
Biscuit Joiner
Sheet Sander
Ryobi Orbit sander
Makita Orbit Sander
Jig Saw
Oscillating Tool
Circular Saw
Shop Vacuum
Dust Right Dust Separator
Drill and Driver
Base Router
Miter Saw

………………………Hand Tools ………………….
Pocket hole jig
Kreg Rip Cut
Chisel Set
File set –
Ryoba Saw
Mini Hack



  1. dojo says:

    Damn, the value of the house goes up dramatically after this guy moves in. Jealous!

  2. F-ing COOL! Will have to stick around to see what else is seeping from that head of yours!

    Thanks for sharing your time with me!

  3. Areil Ronald says:

    Beautiful work, wow I had planned to do my bathroom wall over my sink like this. Great minds think alike, lol

  4. Colin Pater says:

    you are so talented

  5. your work is amazing.

  6. Very smart in sanding 😀

  7. Kyle Knight says:

    I'm loving the channel! I dig your modern twist on the reclaimed builds, and your from scratch builds are dope as well.

    But when working with reclaimed woods, I very highly recommend using an angle or disc grinder with a steel wire cup brush attachment. It's a lightening quick way to clean off any dirt or grime from the wood, and makes it much quicker when you take the next step to sand.

  8. Some pallets are pressure treated with arsenic. Shouldn't use that in any kitchen application.

  9. great video look really nice

  10. how much tools do i need for the diy?

  11. You are a Master Carpenter! Wow! What a joy to watch someone that knows and loves what they do. Thank you! You have inspired me to try this over my bathroom vanity. Any ideas on how to waterproof it? I appreciate you sharing your ideas.

  12. channal77 says:

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  13. Great job! Looks amazing!

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  15. Man, you are one of the bests! Congrats paw!!!

  16. Quick question from an amateur, can't you varnish the pieces of wood before? Awesome work, keep it up!

  17. texxs01 says:

    That's not a backsplash but I have no idea what else you'd call it (wall panel?) and it looks great so. . . . . thumbs up!

  18. I love ur videos btw!!

  19. mexykanu says:

    This looks great!

  20. David Bacon says:

    "That's Hot!" (Paris Hilton?) 🙂

  21. Pat Mahon says:

    Loving the backsplash. Maybe try a type of clip like this to fix to the wall

  22. dammit, I'm already subscribed. gotta say these DIYs are inspiring, I was also watching other series but your final products are elegant where as other only reach functional. can't wait to watch the video

  23. Sammi Jay says:

    You are so creative! I love your work! Such a talented artist!

  24. tinman14103 says:

    you can use two sided tape

  25. absolutely love it! if I had a home, I'd do the same thing! I guess I would need the talent to do this too, so I would probably just tell people about it!lol

  26. lDevX says:

    Going to start using your bed stuff and desk designs for rooms in my house. These are some awesome builds!!!! Thank-you!

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