Bored of lame tool reviews? Meet Makita’s new Hypoid Saw.

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February 12, 2017
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February 14, 2017

Bored to tears with “This is the greatest new tool, watch me cut things” bobble-head reviews? This is not that.

We teardown a brand new Makita hypoid saw for woodworking. I review the construction of this saw from the inside out, complete with electrical testing and explanation of the difference between a Skilsaw Worm Gear and the Makita Hypoid. I use a microscope to show the surface and wear-in of the gears.
We also test the melting point of Makita’s plastic tool housing.
This isn’t a sales review, this is part reverse-engineering and part hacking.

What are worm and hypoid gears? skip to 8:25
Take away from gear explanation skip to 10:15
Running the saw on DC battery power skip to 28:00
How much torque does this saw produce? skip to 22:00
What oil does Makita Hypoid use? skip to skip to 17:00
What is that plastic thing on the tool power cord? skip to 2:45
What temperature does plastic housing melt? skip to 18:30
Use of microscope to inspect surface of gears skip to 12:00

Errata: OLD cars use spiral bevels they mostly changed to hypoid in the 40s. Ooops.
“It really was the point of the hypoid gear in automobiles because it allowed for lower floors and tunnels in cars.” -anonymic79



  1. hairylarry says:

    this is the first video of yours ive watched, and I love it.  Youre so knowledgeable you've gotta be a machinist or something, great to learn from you, thanks.

  2. Nebulax123 says:

    I just use a small drop of super glue to hold the Woodruff Key for install.

  3. okay got it says:

    nice through view. …. love it brother.

  4. Minion Man says:

    Great review…what the hell is a skookum?

  5. CGC CUSTOMS says:

    AvE love the videos but one idea maybe you could do i sin counter like in the top right ? Just an idea

  6. Ozyrob2 says:

    Smart and funny as buggery. Keep em coming AvE :-)

  7. Nexov Nexov says:

    Me thinks that the gear oil weight is 90 but I am not Shure.

  8. So much debate on automotive gearing, etc. get yer eyes 'awatchn this here motion picture:

    Unfortunately before the days of technicolor…I know…"I watched that already, it's old" (1 of the 7+ million then?) But, did you see the version with the badass bikes? Side, note-I wonder if you were considered civilized if you cursed back then? Ok now I'm being a troll…

    I do however appreciate and support the logic behind saying fuck you to corporate bureaucracy, perhaps I wont get my teeth kicked in now? Thanks for putting all your time into all these videos sir, most folks don't realize the efforts (and how much the wife bitches about editing time!!!)

  9. Raul McCai says:

    An old injection mold shop manager showed me to burn a Known polymer and the stench of the smoke after you blow the flame out will be utterly unique from polymer to polymer and – – you will never forget it the stink is so unique.

  10. Could I run this saw in the uk using a 110v transformer? Would the 50hz have any problem in the motor?

  11. 1. Did I hear AvE say "order of manitou"?
    2. Is that a reference to the freaky 70s movie?

  12. Lily Smith says:

    I have an older one, maybe 25 years old. When cutting plywood the blade starts to twist, and I have to move the tail end of the saw over to fallow the line. I'm guessing one of the bearings is shot, when I grab the blade and try to torque it in and out it seams tight?? Thoughts?

  13. Doc Sinclair says:

    Easy solution for your breaker-problem: move your shop to Germany : D Here you get provided with 230 V and 16A breakers.

  14. You people make me happy.

  15. At 7:40 you mentioned that a small metallic component was responsible for transmitting all the power and torque. How exactly does it do that? Thanks

  16. Thomas w says:

    idk what any of this is but i enjoy the jargon and canadianisms. reminds me of home

  17. McSpreadum says:

    Nice thermal arc. I think they beat the pants off miller and lincon all day.

  18. tsmall07 says:

    Very few car differentials in cars have a pinion that enters the center of the ring gear. Most are low pinion and some are high pinion.

  19. SB CHAMPION says:

    What do you do with all the tool you test.?

  20. Lovot Core says:

    because the universal motor has a mechanical inverter, the faster it spins the higher the frequency, the higher the power density because all iron core tech has a better density at higher frequencies, so the faster it spins the more power they get with the same amount of material. Doing this can cause excessive core losses (which causes high power draw when idling), and it will be less resistant to overheating when overloaded.

    Ferrite is designed specifically to have low core losses, even at high frequencies, so in order to max out the power density of iron core tech, you switch to ferrite motors, trouble is they need a pretty large gear reduction to run most things, and most bearings are not made for 100000RPM. an induction motor made with ferrite instead of electrical steel can do a lot of the speed reduction and torque multiplication stuff without a gearbox, so they can take advantages of higher frequencies better than a universal could, and can run on an inverter circuit that's dumb as a rock because induction motors have locked rotor torque when driven at the frequency needed for full speed operation, and actually have some current limiting when overloaded. A core with 15 slots can do a reduction of 5X on a 3phase motor, which results in a much more manageable 20000RPM that most gearboxes and bearings can already handle in a smaller package with much better efficiency, especially when idling. Ferrite tends to be a lot more expensive than electrical steel, especially custom parts, like stator and rotor cores.

  21. Great review. Can't believe i watched the whole thing but it opened my DiY eyes to how tools like these are made. Excellent job.

  22. Jason Davey says:

    what the fuck… now I have another reason to sit in the office for hours on end watching goddamn youtube videos. fuckers like you teaching me shit that I never realized i needed to know.

    thank you. keep up the good work.

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