Brigid’s Knife #2 by Daniel Kretchmar

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December 21, 2016
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December 22, 2016

Here is a creation by Daniel Kretchmar of  Here’s what Daniel has to say about the knife, which can be custom ordered.

This German style chef’s knife was custom made for chef in Indiana. The blade is approximately 10 inches long and the handle is approximately 5 inches. The pattern welded (Damascus) blade is made from 81 layers of wrought iron taken from a 1880s grainery in Superior Wisconsin and 1075 high carbon steel. The odd number of layers (81) comes from the fact that prior to the final fold, an extra layer of 1075 was added to the center to gaurantee the edge would be high carbon steel. The addition of the wrought iron ennsures that this blade will not break. The experimental profile of this blade is forged, rather than ground to shape. This means that the outer layer remained intact, hiding the damascus pattern. Only the center layer of 1075 is visible along the edge. The entire pattern can be made visible and acid etched if requested at the time of ordering. The handle is made from oiled rattan, but future handles will be made from reclaimed teak. Any special instructions must be agreed upon before work begins.


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