Building a huge reclaimed oregon (douglas fir) outdoor table (part 1)

Hand Tool Woodworking – Cutting The Housing / Dado Joint Without A Saw
October 9, 2017
Storage box from thin recycled plywood
October 13, 2017

I managed to get my hands on some great reclaimed oregon timber that is about 50 yrs old from an old ‘red bricker’ knock down. I’m using it to make a huge 14 seat outdoor table.

Many thanks to Ian who had the foresight to save this timber from going to scrap.



  1. testyted says:

    Once again great vid.

  2. Ashley Thain says:

    Great information, relaxed step by step guide, Thanks

  3. Ben York says:

    Mate that was epic! Those clamps work fantastic. Really glad I found your channel!

  4. Sam S says:

    Didn't know Heinz Started making wood glue as well 😛 … Awesome Video mate …

  5. hizo64HH says:

    Beautiful wood there, glad to see it receive new life mate! Watching your channel gives me an excuse to speak "Australian".

  6. Truly inventive with the width sizing jig. Good on you mate!!!

  7. The Shadow says:

    Please provide any information you have on the glue up clamps you are using in this video, manufacturer and place where the clamps can be purchased.

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