Building A Reclaimed Barn Wood – Whiskey Cart

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October 17, 2017
The Plane Build – Video
October 21, 2017

Building Reclaimed Barn Wood – Whiskey Cart. Barn Wood Project built with a small amount of tools. This was a fun reclaimed wood project.

Please watch: “Flawless layout with my Straddle Square | Izzy Swan”




  1. Incredible.  Did you leave the stain/dye on the walnut until it dried to get it so dark, or did you wipe it off after a few minutes?

  2. J Fred says:

    reclaimed excellence, fine job Izzy

  3. bay4west says:

    Very cool izzy. You tube needs to add a button next to the "like" "dislike" buttons. They should call it the " awesomest video on the face of the planet" button. I would've pressed it.

  4. Edgar Rivera says:

    Bad ass izzy. What finish is that? Hit me back.

  5. l3ender15 says:

    That looks fantastic. Great job!

  6. That's really awesome!  What kind of saw was that you were using to make the wheels?  Looks like a band saw but I think the blade comes apart?

    And your music makes me sleepy

  7. Roxanne Benn says:

    Very Cool Izzy Great job on all of it. I love the reclaimed wood too. The wheels are super awesome!! You really make me think out side the box.

  8. brans says:

    Very nice table you did a great job!!!!
    What color stain did you use for the bottom?

  9. Hand made wooden wheels!  And the handle, and the wood plugs. 

  10. Mosby's men says:

    i tried to make a chair out of reclaimed "tabasco "barrel staves well the saw was throwing saw dust on me and the saw dust blistered me from having tabasco soaking in it for years. i figured probally would not be good for a chair after all . 

  11. Tammy Palmer says:

    Wish I could see this in slower motion

  12. Chris Hubert says:

    How do you go about pricing rustic furniture Izzy? Nice build!

  13. That was freaking amazing……I'm very young in the arts of wood making and your video just gave me a burst of inspiration to finish my counter height console table for my coffee bar.  If more people went back to the art of handmade, this world might be a better place.  Nice work!

  14. hi, izzy i'm watching your videos from few time and i think that you're very very genial.
    sorry for my english and thank you for your ideas.

  15. DawgYankee says:

    Beautiful, functional table for the den or outdoor patio area.  You are an incredibly gifted woodworker Izzy.  What type of stain/finish did you use on the wheels and handle supports to give that cast iron look?  Again. beautiful piece of work!!

  16. Thomas Kerr says:

    great job  ill try building one 

  17. Hog Wash says:

    Three jealous people who would probably be challenged by a home depot birdhouse kit gave this video a thumbs down.

  18. Rachael Vair says:

    damn dude your good there ought to be a law against that…pisses me off I want to do that…not's gunna happen, that's years of experience.

  19. how nice finish congrats

  20. when I use old reclaimed wood like that, I run my metal detector wand over the wood Before I start cutting.. I have found nails and wire buried deep in the middle of 8x 8's.. crazy..

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