Building a Reclaimed Wood Tabletop

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December 19, 2016
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December 19, 2016
This video illustrates my method for working with reclaimed lumber to make tabletops. Filmed on location at my woodshop in Vermont, the process starts with material selection, I then show step-by-step machine tool techniques to produce straight and uniform boards. Half-lap joinery is utilized for edge gluing boards together. Sanding techniques and finishing are also shown. The finished product can be seen in my next video ‘Building a Table Base”.



  1. julia061174 says:

    gosh! would i need to buy all the machinery for putting together just few planks?

  2. krakanal says:

    и зачем эта некрасивая поверхность? слишком кропотливая работа без получения результата.

  3. How many hours do you think you had in making this tabletop from start to finish? Looks great! 

  4. CrisDi says:

    that wood used?

  5. diver dave says:

    damn you own a sweet shop !
    the top looks nice 
    i would have ran it through the planer until it was clean

  6. vc e bom na arte da marcenaria…. good work nice forever day moon

  7. chKnbutt56 says:

    Why would you put black writing on a black background… couldn't read most of your text.

  8. This is really satisfying. I work an executive office job but i think i will enjoy life more if i was a wood worker. 

    I will become one one day.

  9. BENTLEY GT says:

    you are Awesome.
    looks GREAT. wish i had the Tools to do it.

  10. securityplus says:

    you could have just as easily planes the edges and laminated them together using a polyurethane glue and you would have avoided nail holes. I have done it and it works great. I also wouldn't have planed the top surface and sealed it to keep that old weathered look, its really popular now

  11. moofushu says:

    I like your hand made wood carts and benches you are working with and on in the video. It even appears you made that large box that is holding scraps of wood. In the movie The Shawshank Redemption brooks the librarian used a little wood cart to deliver books to in inmates. I always found that cart interesting. In the movie they deliver books and goods to Andy in what looks like handmade crates made of planks of wood. If you ever make any more wood carts I hope you will consider sharing the making of it.

  12. Why so many sanders??

  13. Nice job sir. lot of great points. I'm inspired

  14. Julla says:

    Is it necessary to tongue-and-groove the board joints?  Can't you just glue up the boards?

  15. Would traditional tongue and groove allow for expansion better than half lap?

  16. Alex Hawkins says:

    I don't get the down votes. The result was great 

  17. I'm really interested in you techniques for correcting warp and cup in used lumber by making strategic cuts and then either "wedging" or "keying" the wood with a "deadman" patch (to use Norm's term). I would love to see a video where you explain your strategy and technique in more depth.

  18. Not sure if it has been previously asked but can you comment if you alternated the grain orientation upon glue up?

  19. excellent detail

  20. Paul Mcnulty says:

    All praise for thoughtful headgear and gloves. There is more grip with the gloves, so less strain, and zero splinters, am I right? Looks good

  21. Pete Sake says:

    You do great work and have some nice tools but the biggest mistake I seen that you made was not crowning all your planks the same way – exposing the table to warp down the road… Keep up the Great Work Though…

  22. great video and I love your retractable tableware dust collect. question: if you were adding breadboard do you think half laps would be overkill? thank you

  23. Lu Prz says:

    Nice Video and very nice Woodshop as well. Thanks for the video.

  24. You mixed stain and poly together? What's the percentage?  Thanks

  25. Philiphfisch says:

    Good job boy!  I'm planning to do similar table whit my recicled wood ;-)

  26. That is a very interesting dust collector / guard on your table saw. Do you have any details on it?
    Any chance of a video on it?

  27. gone fishin says:

    This would be a great high school project for beginners and I think you would sell a lot of your product. Nice!

  28. 6:36 What is back-cutting? Are you using the flat side of a jig saw blade?

  29. Tom Davies says:

    Wearing gloves using any machinery especially the jointer/ buzzer is incredibly dangerous and is a very bad habit to pick up. A few splinters aren't going to cause you long lasting damage.

  30. Nikki Eddy says:

    I can't watch you run that table saw :0 I can't believe you don't use a guide to push it through…

  31. How many hours of labor start to finish?

  32. NoName says:

    During the gluing process, is there any particular reason for the two clamps on the outside being on top and the two in the middle on the underside?

    Cool video, thanks for sharing. Wish I had the room for a shop like yours.

  33. Terry Iden says:

    Awesome! I have some boards from a bookcase my Granddad made 60 plus years ago.  I don't have the tools or talent.  Based on what you showed, what would someone locally charge me to build something similar?  All boards are 10" by 4 different lengths.

  34. what color stain did you add to the poly, what is the mixture one cup stain two cups poly.

  35. John Bagyan says:

    hffcon, All work and no talk haha,i prefer your style sir. Nice video sir.

  36. Sean West says:

    Great video! Did you do anything to clean the wood before you started? Also, I'm assuming you used a planer on both sides, top and bottom. Is that correct? Appreciate the video. Great work.

  37. *stihl* says:

    use push blocks on the jointer mate, I lost the tips off two of my fingers 4 days ago doing it the same way as u, I was pushing the wood along like I always do but it caught on something under the wood and shot out from under my hands pushing my fingers in to the blade

  38. Jorge Pollo says:

    starting at around 6:50, you should wear protection on your ears

  39. Abe Montes says:

    Great video. However not everyone has the luxury of a wood shop with such machinery.

  40. Eugene Perry says:

    Outstanding projects with clear instructions [Link Here== ]. What a satisfaction I have now. I have been able to finish the construction of my cabin with all the furniture in it. This is the best experience I've had so far in woodwork plans and designs.

  41. Thanks for video. Would have been nice to see the finished table at the end.

  42. Corey Mcniel says:

    ic commI made it myself. Just go to woodprix webpage if you'd like do the same

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