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January 21, 2017
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For this week’s Client Spotlight, we had the pleasure of chatting with Kimberly Alcorn of Fit Republic RiNo in Denver, CO.

Please tell us about Fit Republic RiNo:
Fit Republic RiNo is brand new in the RiNo Arts District. We are a small family owned Vitamin and Supplement shop located at 2605 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205. We not only specialize in sports nutrition but in educating our clientele. We are not just pushing products on them. We want to know what your goals are whether you are a professional body builder, a cross-fitter, an outdoor enthusiast, cyclist, or just a regular person looking for a better supplement to help you reach your goal of loosing or gaining weight.

We recently introduced a protein smoothie bar which is where you guys come in. Our bar is incredible and we absolutely love the way that the reclaimed wood turned out. You should come in and see for yourself. The pictures don’t do it justice.

How was Fit Republic RiNo founded?:

I decided to open Fit Republic RiNo because I have struggled my entire life with feeling balanced, energized and healthy. I was having some pretty major issues with my anxiety. That is when I found fitness. Through working out and proper nutrition along with supplementation I have learned to not only love myself, but thrive in life and I wanted to be able to give back. I have found balance and I want other people to know how wonderful life can be once you have your health. 

What was special or unique about the project we provided material for? Please specify the name of the project we worked together on:

We decided that a great way to educate people about supplements was to not only educate them, but to allow them to try them. We created FUEL PROTEIN BAR in our shop to do just that. Come in and try a post workout, see how glutamine makes you feel, sample a liquid multivitamin and have a blended protein shake. We want you to stay and chat about your day… how can we help? Hang out someplace healthy and learn a little something. It was through Dan ‘O (Dan O’Neill of Reclaimed DesignWorks) that the reclaimed wood came into play and we absolutely love it. We are a modern space and the weathered look of the wood tied in the hard surfaces in a more natural but still trendy fashion. It’s a conversation piece all by itself.

What do you enjoy most about working with Reclaimed DesignWorks?

We loved working with Reclaimed DesignWorks because you have a beautiful product, are right around the corner and are super easy to work with. You have great creative ideas and even better materials. Your staff is incredible and we would love to work with you again some day on a different project. 

Please make sure to follow Fit Republic RiNo on their Facebook Page!
Thanks again to Kimberly Alcorn for chatting with us!

Wood Products Featured:
Fit Republic RiNo Protein Bar- Mixed Softwood Blend Barn Siding

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