Custom Reclaimed Wood Dining Table – Rustic Furniture

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August 6, 2017
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August 10, 2017

Western Heritage Furniture builds unique, heirloom quality furniture and rustic furniture from reclaimed wood of old barn, buildings and other American structures.

This Ghostwood dining table, designed and demonstrated by Tim McClellan, is a custom dining table with a unique feature: a hidden silverware tray underneath the leaf. Made from reclaimed wood.

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  1. bikaren1980 says:

    Yessiree, pardner – that's purdy fancy! Nice hat, btw.

  2. Darius M says:

    only americans can make storage in all kind of things to hide their guns properly 😀

  3. Yep, we've been doing it for centuries.
    Sometimes we hide them so well we can't find them.

  4. Darius M says:

    go kill u're self and make the world a happier place for us idiots, that can take a joke ;). RIP smart ass

  5. liz968 says:

    More like, pretty dang awesome!!

  6. 1too3fore says:

    silverware storage in the table is a dumb idea, who wants to keep opening and closing a table to get at the forks and knives, silly and a hassle.

  7. Tom Smith says:

    Thar seems like an awesome idea, And it would be for expensive silver, not everyday stuff….

  8. titanwr says:

    Is this truly reclaimed wood? Have you had any issues with glue joints bursting because the lumber hasn't been kiln dried?

  9. um, excuse me, I just dropped my fork…could I get another one?
    Um, no, just wipe it off on your sleeve and keep quiet….

  10. It'll make poker nights a helluva lot messier

  11. norbo norebo says:

    Wow. What a beautiful table.

  12. fancy enough, good work.

  13. ничего особенного… сам делаю такие столики…

  14. 21kpatriot says:

    Is pissing in someone's Cheerios really necessary? I think it is innovative! Perhaps those people haven't investigated as many designs as you. How can anyone fault a man for trying? Did you see the look of pride on his face? I am at a loss for words now. I hope you find whatever hurts you and get it out of your life, so you can help others and not hurt them with your words. You would feel better then.

  15. Do you know someone who makes panelling for doll houses?
    Thank you

  16. scmb921 says:

    Wilson your a douche

  17. stormx6667 says:

    0:13 very inaccurate diamond shape…

  18. pratherat says:

    That's a very pretty table.

  19. Crux161 says:

    that table isn't half as cute as the guy is 😀

  20. Very nice piece of furniture. Thx for showing

  21. Alex Schultz says:

    what are you smoking?

  22. I always guessed Chuck Norris can also make tables with a hidden gun safe, but now I am really a little excited to see he also invented a square diamond.

  23. mihal75 says:

    Sheeeaatt! Ma Furnitrr, ma hat, n  my nu dentrrs r sooooo goooooood! Purty fancy

  24. Бля что за на хрен кавбой 

  25. MrAjfish says:

    The Chuck Norris of cabinet making and carpentry more like it.

  26. BandAid says:

    Dang! They wont figure that one out in Detroit!

  27. Thank you, everyone, for all of your comments! We hope you all are enjoying this holiday season, and we wish you a very Happy New Year! 

  28. Лишний раз за ножом не полезеш.

  29. бля, америку открыл ………………..

  30. So simple but genius

  31. me encanto, no se si en México hay como esas

  32. cometa5516 says:

    lo que mas me gusto es el sombrero

  33. I love the sound of the wood hitting. Lets be honest here, NO one would be putting silverware in that table. Not to say they wouldn't use the storage space.

  34. nice job and I love Texas bro :,)

  35. Henry Pascal says:

    Hey just a quick heads up, Hyezmar is allowing people who visit website to get his woodworking plans before he publishes them for sale.

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