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January 25, 2017
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January 27, 2017 Call 301-676-4564 to get yours today! If you are looking for Custom Solid Wood Furniture – Keith Schoonover Custom Designs is for you! All furniture is custom made! From Reclaimed Wood Furniture including reclaimed wood dining table designs and Natural wood furniture that will blow your mind.

Every piece of our Solid Wood Furniture is hand made and totally unique! Check out the website and get a better feel for all of the stock solid wood furniture we currently have and keep in mind that we can custom make a piece for you in any form or fashion you desire.



  1. I have seen some of Keith's custom wood furniture. It is truly amazing. Gorgeous, well built and beautiful. There is just something about natural wood furniture that makes you feel warm and peaceful. The other thing about Keith Schoonover Custom Wood Designs is that the furniture is Solid Wood… really sturdy and well built. True craftsmanship. If you are looking for solid wood furniture then you need to check them out! I love the reclaimed wood dining table designs. Truly impressive!

  2. This guy makes awesome Custom Wood Furniture! Check out the website link to see more examples of his Custom Solid Wood Furniture- truly impressive craftsmanship and works of art!

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