DeWalt DW735 planer vs. a cheap one (review)

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June 13, 2017
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June 15, 2017

Tegs tools ( gave me a Dewalt 735 thickness planer to review. here I’m comparing how it performst to my old thickness planer (which was the cheapest I could find)
My video on planer snipe:



  1. TONY LEAD says:

    Very informative, Thank you!!!

  2. BOBBY says:

    if i want to get a bow out of timber will a thicknesser do the job or should i get a jointer thicknesser combo of which i do not see many reviews of different models especially Dewalt.

  3. Chris Hachet says:

    This is convincing me that I want to buy an even better planer than the 735…methinks an older American Powermatic or Grizzly 0453 is in my future.

  4. John Moore says:

    it would seem the dust ejection is inconveniently located on the dewalt. It is DIRECTLY in the way on every pc you run ..

  5. htjames101 says:

    Great video- I wonder what entry-level planer he'd like??

  6. akbychoice says:

    Wonder how the other Dewalt planer does against either of these?

  7. BirdArvid says:

    Only a German would be quite that anally retentive about dust-collecting..

  8. Headly Lemar says:

    I have the dewalt planer, I use a bag with hose to catch the dust, works great.

  9. Ro bert says:

    Awesome review! Tegs let you keep the thing? That is sweet! Are there Dewalt replacement blades which are harder to replace the stock ones with, once they are used up?

  10. J. B.J. says:

    Thank you so much for the honest review on these two planers. What do you think about the planers with spiral cutter-heads?

  11. excellent review! Very complete with some real measuring and fair testing.
    Most reviews are real bubba style "we plugged her in and it gotter done". End of review.

  12. Anita Burke says:

    That was the best 13 minutes if my LIFE thank you for being awesome! I just came across you today and subscribed, now maybe I will make something too!

  13. The DeWalt come w/o the extension tables! Yet the manual suggests they are essential!

    So I wrote them a letter and they sent me a set of extension tables.

    It replaced my old 'Customer Return' Home Depot two-blade/Dingle Speed planer which did the job as well IMHO – save fro the dust extraction/blower. Problem is the House outlet on the DeWalt does not mate up with my shop vac.

    Better to try a carbide head on the old Home Depot than spend the retail on the DeWalt.

  14. I am looking for an adapter from my 735 to my ShopVac hose – know of any?

  15. Guy Ewing says:

    I have the Dewalt and it works a treat but the exhaust location is a real pain. It's OK if it is in a constant location but that sucker is heavy if you have to lift it about. Also I am lucky my neighbours a bit away but you may have your ears on and still upset the neighbours. They can however be retrofitted with the carbide rollers which are dear but much quieter.

  16. Gray Man says:

    I have that Dewalt planer, and I love the shit out of it. Best power tool I have to date.

  17. looks like it's very hot there looks like he's very bothered buy Heat looks very sweaty

  18. who cares how loud these planers are, how good they perform is what is important

  19. Joe Brown says:

    I don't care about dust, chips or noise. I want quality planing. I have the Dewalt.

  20. Jim Pullen says:

    If you had read the instructions, you would have put the dust shoot on the Dewalt…This would have kept the shavings from spreading across the floor.

  21. Hey Bob-O says:

    I just clicked on this because it's a nice looking machine.

  22. Please read the instruction manual: note on page 6: "It is not recommended that a shop vac be connected ". Use the DW7353 witch is a hose with a container…

  23. Back in the 80's, I ran a 36" Buss planer that had snipe issues until I adjusted the outfeed table with a 0.020 cant. Unless the board was severely cupped (and the hand who was feeding it WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION) our end-snipe issue ended. I got employee of the year for that one!!

  24. bobbg says:

    LOL no more free tools for you!
    Lets face it your gonna plane rough lumber, make your part then sand it. its not often planing will be the last step on a project.

    A friend of mine has one of these dewalt planers its a work horse. he dosn't own a jointer just the dewalt planer. I wouldn't turn one down if someone gave it to me.

  25. MineStrongth says:

    the Dewalt is supposed to be used with in/out feed tables (sold separately) to reduce snipe.

  26. Excelente analisis, gracias por compartir

  27. good to know!;-)Thankyou

  28. The stock knives and bx store knives you buy in box stores are cheap's, buy them online for the dewalt and they last a lot longer.

  29. dewlt planer and a cheap is same ties not matter how spiral cutterhead different kind spiral cutterhead shape cutter wooden order different spiral head ……………….

  30. Skewed Maker says:

    Enjoyed the video, very informative. How long does it usually take to hand sharpen the blades on a plane? Thanks!

  31. One thing I will say, I am a maintenance mechanic at a woodworking school. We have had the Mastercraft in our shop. We had three, and I can tell you this review is very accurate, with one exception, our 3 DeWalt planers have outlived their Mastercraft counterparts three times over. The Dewalts are very durable. In a home shop with lower production rate I too recommend the Mastercraft. Great review video!!

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