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Four Star Hotel Ballard
April 4, 2017
Graphite Console Table Makeover
April 6, 2017



Bluetooth Amp –
Cable Pack –
LED Pack –
Woofers x2 –
Tweeter –
Back Plate –
Port Tube x2 –
Aux cable –
Power Adapter –
Knob –
Power Connector –
Switch –
Poly Fil –
Soldering Iron –
Glue Gun –


“Peace” by Maeson
Soundcloud –

Test Song
Prelude No. 3 by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


Drill –
Circular Saw –
Speed Square –

Kirby Meets Audio Speaker Building Shop:


Router –
Router Table –
Router Adj. –
Chamfer Bit –
Mortise Bit –
Table Saw –
Miter Saw –
Cordless Drill –
Orbital Sander –
Finishing Sander –

Bar Clamps –
Soldering Iron –
3” Forstner Bit –
Forstner Bit Set –
Measuring Tape –
Push Stick Pack –
Auto Center Punch –
Digital Angle Gauge –
Combination Square –

Camera –
Wide Lens –
50mm Lens –
Microphone –
Big Tripod –
Flexible Tripod –


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  1. Adam Kasper says:

    Hey Kirby I've been watching all of your videos recently and I was wondering if u are ever gonna build a dedicated subwoofer?

  2. Only I have one word Awesome;
    But I have some doubts how you make a connection a speakers with 4ohms and the amplifier Dayton Audio KAB-230 2x30W Class D have 8ohms, How is posible??? and this speakers is 30W when is recomendable to have 50% more power in you amplifier around 2x60W..


  3. LaLaDo BoDaO says:

    Great, something i have learned!!! Thank You!!!!

  4. KayWal1981 says:

    you got mad skills broski, i like your work gave you a sub. When i was a kid i tried making a speaker box just a plain rectangle one .. it came out looking like Italy. Never made one again 🙂

  5. Hi kerby love your work man. you mentioned you sold your stuffs, hows the sale?

  6. Nice your videos about audio. Do use what kind of wood?

  7. mahmod hasan says:

    why did you put foam underneath the speakers?

  8. Tui Uru says:

    Would've been helpful if you could talk us through at least the electronics side

  9. Mikhandmaker says:

    Great video! You have another follower

  10. good goat says:

    How was the cross over designed? Does each woofer cover one channel and the channels are mixed for the tweeter? Was the box size and ports optimized for the woofers? The project looks terrific, I am concerned about maximizing the performance of the components which are mid quality.

  11. jamie walder says:

    Hay Kirby, What is the wiring configuration?. just finished a similar build and was debating on having a single tweeter. if you have wired the tweeter to one of the 2 channels what effect would this have on the balance, maybe you used a really high impedance tweeter so as to not have as big an impact. how did you go about it?

  12. Juan Rial says:

    Non audio related question: which blade is that at around the 3:12 mark?

  13. konrad84r says:

    I have to admit that I really enjoyed your video and watched it fully . Precision is a key to a works of art like this one .

  14. Fuzzy Wuzzy says:

    As you tend towards a natural and black finish, you might try Shou sugi ban (Japanese burned/tung oil) for the black sometime, it'd leave in some more of the grain of the pine 🙂

  15. yel leon says:

    Muy buen trabajo amigo espero encontrar los materiales aca en mexico . Good job friend i hope found the materials here in mexico .

  16. Peter lee says:

    Hi any kind soul can tell me what's the technique/term called to get the gradient @ 6.33. Thanks in advance!

  17. HI I Have 7, speakers that are 2 inches. 20 watts to 80 watts- some. 4 to 8 ohms. that I want to put together in one enclosed box. that I want to power them with my home stereo that is 300 Watts how should I wire them series or Parallel. ?

  18. Loved everything about the video, other than the music on repeat for 15mins. Otherwise, this was amazing!

  19. Isaac Orelus says:

    to whoever that takes the time to read this. PS I didn't want to be one of those people on YouTube but I'm in needI'm very passionate about building speakers and I love watching speaker builds on YouTube and trying out some speaker builds myself. I plan on turning it into a small business but before I do that, I would need proper equipment and that is where you come in. continue on the link to get more information. a donation or a share is very much appreciated. thank you in advance.
    Here's the link

  20. Hey Kirby. Super happy I stumbled upon your channel –> which lead to me purchasing this kit! I have a question about the sound damping self-adhesive pad you are using in place of poly fil, and where I could procure such goods? Keep the videos coming!

  21. tirumati2010 says:


  22. BossaNovaCyp says:

    why just one tweeter?

  23. It'll be good if there are videos with treble and bass test or each speaker setup you build. Just a piano test isn't satisfactory.

  24. I love it so much, but why does wood have to be so environmentally bad for us to cut!! I wish there was a a substitute that looked exactly like it

  25. Carlos Salas says:

    Where did you get all of your supplies?

  26. paint what you use to paint

  27. Is 12V enough for these 30W speakers?

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