DIY Bowling Alley Coffee Table | Modern Builds | EP. 36

Completed With Ebonising
March 15, 2017
Tool Sharpening with a MODIFIED Worksharp 3000 and Review -Woodworking with Stumpy Nubs #6
March 16, 2017

Today on Modern Builds, I’m turning an old piece of bowling lane into a modern industrial coffee table.

Industrial By Design:
16″ Steel Frame Legs:

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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery



  1. Jasmine Sea says:

    What's your advice for a beginner who doesn't have the tools or space to do some of these projects?

  2. how much would you sell it if that would be the case? also you can use Flood Penetrol for raw metals… its transparent and prevents the rust

  3. Really beautiful looking!
    My question: How did you get started building and where do you do most of your work? Do you build things for a living?

  4. I have a question I would like to ask.. What would you say are good things to look out for as a beginner getting started (or I guess what would you say are common mistakes to make). I have zero experience with any kind of woodwork aside from sawing wood to put on a fire and some decorative soldering at school, but have a project I want to start soon making a metal and wood bookshelf and I'm a bit worried about just throwing myself into it.

  5. Mari says:

    oh darn 🙁 I might be the odd person out here, but I thought you were building a table that you can do a mini bowling game on lol. you know, like a gaming table. This is still pretty cool either way 🙂

  6. HugTheBear55 says:

    Very nice project. If you did sell that table, how much would you have priced it at?

  7. Richie311 says:

    Weird as fuck, I had your video full screen when you showed the OKC Craigslist page. I thought for a second I alt-tabbed over to my OKC Craigslist page that I had open in another tab. Hello fellow Oklahoma maker. Don't those bowling lane prices crack you up? $15-$20 b/f for nail filled wood is redic.

  8. Zac Purcell says:

    Easily my favourite build so far. Love the legs I'll be using them for sure

  9. mous92sa says:

    Man I would love to fill up my apartement with the stuff u make ! hahh
    Great work!

  10. Just binge watched all your  videos, you can really see the progression in them of the quality and attention to detail. Just gives me inspiration to get back in the shop. Thanks for the great videos and instruction.

  11. Mike Hou says:

    coffee table and a bench

  12. Cool idea! Love the industrial style.

  13. Kevin smith says:

    do you have a cheap welder to make your own legs?

  14. very nice table, good job

  15. Hey, what do you use to apply the coat on wood?

  16. Thanks for the info on those sweet legs by industrial by design. Im going to use them on my next build.

  17. scott mclean says:

    starting to really watch your videos. a lot of your work is like what I do. I love the dowls, look nice on furniture as a extra feature.

    jus thought it may work out cheaper to buy cheap yard brush's and use them for chunky dowls instead of buying dowls. all depends on what you pay for dowls obviously but for large dowls this might be more economical. great work keep it up. UK FAN

  18. scott mclean says:

    regarding a comment I made a while ago about buying cheap brush's and cutting heads off for dowls. over in UK it is definitely cheaper to do this. in wickes, which is a huge chain store, probly equivalent to home depot in US, it's bout £7 for chunky dowls, but I can buy a brush with same thickness dowl for £2! huge savings if you were to start mass production and selling these. good luck

  19. Kalida Verdi says:

    Love it!!! Awesome job!

  20. Tom Jan says:

    good job:) do you know some internet shops where I could buy some industrial coffee table legs?

  21. Ngoc Nguyen says:

    Love the industrial look of this! Great job.

  22. Neha Chopade says:

    Hi…awesome video…would you know where can we get these legs for a high table 34" high?

  23. Maxx Brady says:

    Is that the harbor freight belt sander ? do you recommend ?

  24. RUBIZEN says:

    Would go great in Lebowskis apt. Right under his pissy rug.

  25. The dowels were a beautiful touch. I love this.

  26. Morten Floor says:

    Okay, so i'm thinking about making a dinner table, with the same planks you used for your DIY Dining Table and the table legs which you are using in this video.
    I just can't make up where to place the legs on the bottom side of the table.

    should I place them at the edge of the table or make them 10-20 cm in to kinda hide them?

  27. How do you sell your stuff? Do you just list it on craigslist or?

  28. John L says:

    sell it on OfferUp

  29. Martijn O_0 says:

    Damn have been looking for a channel like this for ages

  30. rich pacheco says:

    I've only watched a couple of your videos in love with these already

  31. Bilal Iqbal says:

    Where do you sell your furniture?

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