DIY Pallet Coffee Table – Glow in the dark wood projects with Lichtenberg Figure

Design Modern – Reclaimed Wood Furniture
April 6, 2017
Shindig No. 7 – The Tunnel
April 8, 2017

Make a Pallet coffee table out of free #pallets and a couple of scaffold planks. A cool Do It Yourself woodburning project that you can make using basic power tools and a broken microwave for the #Lichtenberg Figure, glowing in the dark is an optional extra 🙂 To find out more about #DIY Lichtenberg fractal etchings go and have a look at this playlist.

1st prize winner!!! Table was voted 1st in the 1001pallets competition! Thank you very much!

Made from free materials mostly, 2 pallets, 4 floorboards and 2 scaffolding boards, a piece of glass from the salvage yard, some led lights from ebay.

Tools used
Evolution Rage2 saw & Rage 7 Jigsaw
Challenge belt sander (bearng collapsed on this build)
Makita router, corded and cordless drill, 1/3 sheet sander(developed fault in the power cable)

Many thanks to Alpha industries for providing the glow in the dark powder. Better pics this evening once the sun goes down

Was a long build, a lot of time goes into timber preperation, the endless belt sanding etc. What you get for free you pay for with time, however pallet and reclaimed timber has more character than new timber you find.

DIrect video link to my Microwave transformer setup here

Music used MachinimaSound – Leap of Faith

Note to those wondering, gun shown is Airsoft Toy Replica and rounds shown are dummy inert only..

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  1. scott mclean says:

    could I mix the glow in dark powder with screwfix's no nonsense water repellent sealer? this way I'm getting a waterproof sealer and the fluorescent effect. plus screwfix's is cheap. I'm off to bed now been a long tiring night shift but I'd appreciate your thoughts. thank you Mr. Bongo

  2. AJ Price says:

    can I ask about the burning of the wood process what you used to create those burn patterns

  3. Flip Flop C says:

    just watched that from beginning to end it went from a pile of crap to a big fucking WOW(swear words and capitals were necessary to emphasise my point). You are my new god of making stuff from stuff. Table is awesome and someone would pay a lot of money for that and the rest of your furniture in your house is amazing.

  4. That's pretty damn awesome.

  5. Shit shop, shit tools and shit materials= outfucking standing finished product. If this video doesn't inspire people to get out there and build something then nothing will. I've got twice the shop, twice the tools and twice the materials but haven't made anything half as good as this. I'm inspired to get off my ass and make something cool. Thank you and subscribed.

  6. Dan Smith says:

    now thats pretty sexy au mate

  7. You are a freaking genius.

  8. rurusiddi says:

    You have the sexiest voice in the world. You could say anything and I'll listen.

  9. Ken Lewis says:

    It was cool until it went all ammosexual.

  10. Videonun başlangıç noktası amatörce geldi bana lakin sonuç MUHTEŞEM tebrik ederim …. The starting point of the video sounds amateurish, but the result is great, congratulations.

  11. Good craft work and skill with imagination and creativity. I've done a lot of creative one offs down through the years and watching yourself and the likes keeps the fire burning within . Keep it up brother , people need to be inspired and fuck the begrudgers. Just subbed .

  12. thats 1dope display table bro..

  13. malenamax says:

    wooow good job man!!

  14. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. VERY VERY NICE MAN !!! 😉

  16. Scott Davis says:

    :16 What in the heck is that little car thing?  "Johny 1"???

  17. Scott Davis says:

    Pretty nice work!!

  18. TexasGemTree says:

    You are the first person I have seen to make an art piece where you can actually get TO the lights in case they need to be replaced. I have been astounded that no one else ever seems to understand that yes, those lights do go out sometimes and they do need to be replaced or repaired. Finally! An intelligent artisan!

  19. Harvey Rose says:

    fucking awsome mate work of art

  20. Amazing and very beautiful looks fantastic. love watching projects like these.!!

  21. With what did you finish the wood? Oil or varnish?

  22. Manuel A says:

    That is a very awesome table. Some wood tint like espresso or cherry would make it look even better. Good job!!!!

  23. John Boy says:

    Very amazing work you've done!!

  24. Dave Bennett says:

    are the led's you used UV to make the train glow ?

  25. says:

    amazing idea, i like it

  26. jny78 says:

    Nice. You have a great eye

  27. Is your son still listing to pumped up kicks for 35 hours straight, while reading the Bible?

  28. Scott Mclean says:

    how you doing bongo , im looking forward to your nxt video. any ideas what your planning nxt

  29. Alex Vazquez says:

    What were the dimensions for the base of the table?

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