DIY Pipe Coffee Table

A Buying Guide for Outdoor Coffee Tables
July 1, 2017
Wood Decoration Ideas | Set Of Pictures
July 2, 2017

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This rustic modern coffee table is made from 2x8s, angle irons, and black iron pipe. I used angle irons to bind the pieces of 2×8 together and then made a legs for the table out of ¾” diameter plumbers pipe. It is a sturdy table that can be made in a variety of sizes and heights.

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  1. Luke says:

    Ben, do you think you could include approximate project costs on your videos? I could estimate, but I think many people could benefit. Thanks for your great content!

  2. Great job, I read the previous comments, I would not change a thing on your design!

  3. Nichole D says:

    I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos. However, might I suggest, tucking your headphone wires UNDER your shirt? PLEASE? I can't tell you how many times I cringed in fear thinking "This is it. This is how he goes out. By accidentally getting his earbuds caught." I need you around for a very long time, as so I can continue to learn DIYs! 🙂

  4. I watched all your videos in one day!

  5. twissall says:

    Hey Ben. Nice work! I used the same concept to make a bar table.. It's amazeballs! Keep it up!

  6. Any chance you can make a list of the items you used and where you sourced them?

  7. Omar Ignacio says:

    Very very cool…. excellent idea AND execution.

  8. mc kamil says:

    we need diy BBQ grill

  9. mc kamil says:

    we need diy BBQ grill

  10. bighead240sx says:

    where do you buy the iron pipes?

  11. Did the wood warped after few months? This some common problems

  12. Great video, as usual. I'm building a coffee table right now myself, and I'm wondering what finish would be best for the wood table top. We eat a lot of meals at our coffee table, so I need something waterproof and durable. Would danish oil handle this well? I like the idea of using oil over polycrylic, but I'm not positive if it'd be as safe.

    Thanks again for the video, I really like your stuff.

  13. minddisturb says:

    is the metal on the side gonna rust? great build btw. 🙂

  14. Will Antes says:

    Using a router would be much easier to get that inlay on both sides

  15. Hey nice video, just wondering if I were to make this, would it be strong enough to hold a laptop and a tv? I would like to make this a desk

  16. Very nice video, and the design of table is really cool. I subscribe !

  17. How much did all the pipes cost

  18. chris B says:

    What kind've wood is that?

  19. Beauty Plus says:

    Can you make a dining table using longer pipes? If you can please send me the the size pipes I would need. Bench seats would be perfect for this table also. This is really cool and affortable

  20. Love your videos! Would it be a terrible idea to use an iron pipe table as an outdoor dining table? Would I need to treat the iron somehow or should I consider another project? Thanks!

  21. iEmily says:

    Do you use a planer on your boards or just pick the least bowed boards in the store?

  22. Sarman Tony says:

    cool coffee table.

  23. Timadin says:

    I'm new to wood working and would love to make this table. What type of wood do you recommend for coffee table (pine, cedar, ect)? I would love to hear some advantages/disadvantages of different types of wood for this project.

  24. Ronin Filmer says:

    Awesome video. What were the size of the legs you ended up keeping at the end of the episode after readjusting the size?


  25. I what to make it but as a dining table.

  26. hit the subscribe button so hard….

  27. GaryTube18 says:

    I just build my first table! thanks so much for the video

  28. Julia Taylor says:

    I need to make a dining table like this…

  29. John Jackson says:

    I would suggest using a couple of pipe wrenches to at least snug up the fittings. I realize it can't come undone, but the loose fit will allow the table to wobble and ultimately it will loosen up more and possibly rattle.

  30. mbdl says:

    Is the middle board really held with just a couple screws? At lease use some glue.

  31. Michael Hess says:

    Why do some people always feel it's necessary to down vote something? Nice tutorial. Good job on explaining why you did things a certain way along the way of building it. Made it easier to understand. Thank you!

  32. nxxtlxxc says:

    currently working on a diy desk a little bit similar to this, still undecided on what to do for the legs since im pretty low on money. but good work not breaking the bits going through that angle iron. i built a grind box for skateboarding a while back and had to drill through 3/4" angle iron, shits a nightmare..
    but nice video man, thanks for the ideas on the legs

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