Edson Hardwood – Turning reclaimed lumber into a reclaimed wood table as a gift for a great client

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March 9, 2017
March 11, 2017

Dan of Edson, turns a delay of a custom railing install into a positive, using his carpentry ability to build a reclaimed wood coffee table for his client.

While Dan has now done a few reclaimed wood furniture pieces for this specific client, it was the coffee table that was the final piece to a renovated basement, that features many reclaimed wood projects.

Dan Edralin, with the help of his wife Anita, has built Edson into a reputable renovation company in Richmond Hill, Ontario here in Canada. For the last 10+ years they have specialized in hardwood floor installations & refinishing.

Recently via client requests Edson has successfully taken on the challenge of creating reclaimed wood furniture, and feature pieces. Dan’s carpentry skill set mixed with his ability to do high quality metal work creates a dynamic that produces reclaimed wood products at the highest quality you’ll find here in the Greater Toronto Area, and even in Canada.

In the brief time Edson has crafted reclaimed lumber products, they have seen 100% of their customers come back with orders for more reclaimed projects.


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  1. WOW what a beautiful table, you are very talented. I hope you will post more videos soon…….. Glen

  2. TheMainAnt says:

    Great piece of work. Do you mind sharing what you used for the final finish?

  3. I love how you let the wood tell you how to use it. It's a beautiful piece.

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