Finding a Barn to Salvage Lumber – Reclaimed Wood

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December 20, 2016
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December 20, 2016

It’s time to get some reclaimed wood! In this video, I take you on a little tour to see the details inside and out of a barn that I will soon start to dismantle to salvage it’s lumber for future projects. It’s a mix of reclaimed oak, pine and perhaps more. Without heavy equipment, I am stuck with dismantling it by hand. I’ll be making several videos, including a start to finish, of all the steps that I take in semi safely getting this barn turned into valuable stacks of lumber.
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  1. GiddyUp994 says:

    What a great deal. I look forward to the many projects you will make with this lumber.


  2. great use of wood, a whole new life, not just brought to the landfill. congrats on the find.

  3. MRrwmac says:

    Well your a very lucky man to get such a great find and glad to see it going to a real woodworker rather than a burn or dump. I can see you dreaming of projects and imagining what you can design while your taking it down. I live in NC and would love to have some of it if you wind up having too much to keep. Of course I think you will be using some of it to build your own covered storage woodshed out of. Please PM me if you want to give some away to an old retired military guy who just loves woodworking for his family?
    Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be following your piece by piece disassembly of that beautiful barn!

  4. Ticky66MN says:

    Cool…looking forward to it!  Thanks!

  5. J Fred says:

    Your lucky you have such a nice neighbor, and as many other post, it looks as though you have a very good supply of lumber to work with. But tearing it down by yourself will be a chore, thanks for the video

  6. The wood is beautiful and be safe taking that barn down.

  7. Ed Draper says:

    Looks like a nice windfall without the wind 😉  It'll be interesting to see how you carefully break this down.  I've done quite a number of pallets and many of them have been a real struggle. I swear some of them have more nails than wood! 

  8. Norbury53 says:

    The only thing that concerns me we that approach is that there is bound to be a significant amount of "rubbish" to be disposed of as well, here that can be very costly indeed. Fortunately it doesn't look like it has any asbestos in it at least.

  9. Glen H says:

    Rad! looking forward to this series. Looks like a fantastic landscape around the barn.  Nice place to work while your doing it.

  10. Thanks for sharing all your great information. I love your channel so glad I subscribed and now for your nail issue; one of the wood workers I also follow on YouTube "Izzy Swan at think wood works" has an item called the pallet pal he has plans for you to make your own and what it's used for is to take apart pallets or barns or whatever is nailed together. Keep up the great work.

  11. Great find!  It would be great if you could get a time lapse of the tear down on top of the other video you will be shooting.  Can't wait to see it come down.

  12. harley75us says:

    Good luck my friend, I'm jealous.

  13. Nice video. Keep them coming

  14. Looking forward to the videos, great find. I nwwd to find myself a barn like that. Thanks for sharing!

  15. FYI, I tried to watch this video both here and on your facebook page but halfway through I lose the audio. Thanks

  16. MrUlfang says:

    Great lumber to make something.

  17. Wear gloves and eye pro

  18. hasdrubal121 says:

    Looking forward to following your progress on this project. Well done

  19. how long did it take to remove all this? great find!

  20. Michael Ball says:

    Many thanks for uploading this delightful short video clip! I would be thrilled if viewers of this film could help me by guiding my spirit to find some used, wooden railway sleepers to use to make raised beds in my garden for my next project. Many thanks in advance.

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