From Your Backyard to Your Front Door: A DIY Christmas Wreath

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February 20, 2017
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Nature Inspired Christmas Wreath

Nature-Inspired Christmas Wreath

There’s more than one way to decorate for the holidays. Is your style traditional with red and green? Or do you prefer gold and gilt? Maybe back-to-nature suits your home and lifestyle. When I plan my decorating theme for the holidays (I change it up every year!), I choose a color or item, such as a star, snowman or angel, and repeat it throughout the house. Regardless of the theme, I always start with the wreath. And although a wreath on the front door welcomes guests, you’re not limited to the entry. Learn how to make Christmas wreaths from items gathered in your backyard, and hang one on a mirror, fill in an empty wall or decorate a closet door.



For my nature inspired wreath, I started with a 12 in. grapevine wreath. I could have left it as-is, but I decided to lighten it up with a light coat of white spray paint to give it a left-in-the-woods bleached look.


Gather items you find in your backyard or a nearby park to fill in the wreath. If you don’t have an oak tree, faux acorns look like the real thing. I also bought a small fir garland to cut apart. The only other supplies you need are a wire cutter and hot glue gun.


Start by laying out the foundation of the wreath—the greens and pinecones—at the upper left side, about “10:00.” That way you can rearrange before gluing the items in place.


Continue to add and build layers of cones, pods, seeds and more greenery until you’ve covered one-third to one-half of the wreath.


It’s easier to use a glue gun with the wreath flat on the table, but hang it up between each layer to see how it will look in the finished position. That way you’ll know where you need to add more.


For an added embellishment, I added the words “Merry Christmas” on individual pieces of wood. If you don’t have power tools and a supply of dried wood, purchase a package of tree branch discs. Drill a small hole at the edge. I used a Sharpie marker to write the words, one letter per disc. Then string them together with brown floral wire and attach to the wreath. A nature-inspired wreath is the perfect way to show your style as you welcome holiday guests. A wreath on your door gives a sneak peek into what lies inside!

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