hadeed metal manufacturing company – Melt shop, iron, steel, Hadeed, metal, billet, scrap, industry

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December 18, 2016
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December 18, 2016

metal manufacturing company -hadeed, Melt shop, iron, steel, Hadeed, metal, billet, scrap, industry, ladle furnace (LF), electric arc furnaces (EAF) , mmc, Fumigation Treatment (ftp), Air Seperation Plant (asp), continuous casting machine (ccm), water treatment plant (wtp) ,raw water treatment plant ( rwtp),steel making , steel plant, adra industrial city, Syria,



  1. rohan man says:

    ما حدث لهذا المصنع منذ البلاد في أزمة

  2. rohan man says:

    وأنا فخور بذلك التنمية العربية ولكن أنا أكره السعوديين القتلى الى العائلة المالكة

  3. rohan man says:

    al -saud motherfuckers

  4. Chef Abowade says:


  5. goldtipu says:

    Which is now been ran by ISIS by international standards

  6. اسلام علیکم

  7. alhadeedscrapyard@gmail. com

  8. the music was a horrible pick and made listening a challenge

  9. whez08 says:

    What happens if the pile of scrap metal that is about to be melted contains pieces of copper, aluminum and other metals different than iron?

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  11. Match Box says:

    i just wish i could understand them over the phone now…

  12. அதேவ ேஷ்

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