Hand Tool Buying Guide #5: Woodworking Chisels

Elkins Meadow Masterpiece in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
October 5, 2017
Scor Office by AEI Arquitectura e Interiores, Bogotá – Colombia
October 9, 2017


Joshua Farnsworth shares tips on buying used and new woodworking chisels. Learn traditional handtool woodworking for free at WoodAndShop.com.

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  1. Kiki Lang says:

    I have load of junk. I never hang in areas where I can find gems in the rough. I'm going to have pay threw the nose, and hope for the best.

  2. nmssis says:

    Thanks again….I just scored a set of Buck Bros and Marples for $35 on ebay…for Both!!

    on one of the Marples, there seem to be a small chip on the cutting edge but the BB has the same size so I should be fine. But how would I go about getting rid of that…just elbow grease since i don't have a grinder??


  3. ecj272 says:

    The Stanley set you show seem to look black or blackish, how did you get them to look that way?

  4. Any thoughts on Japanese chisels? I am looking at the Iyoroi brand on toolsforworkingwood.com as a nice, intermediate set. I am torn about whether to start there or go for the Veritas/Lie Nielsen chisels.

  5. Good information, I buy used tool from eBay and find great deals 😉

  6. S Gudur says:

    You know what?! I am commenting right after 30 sec of this video.. Like Steve Ramsay, You will be my favorite !
    I bet…

  7. TeleWacker says:

    I have picked up some nice Stanley chisels one at a time at estate sales. I'm not sure of the model but I know how to sharpen chisels and planes now and they seem to really hold an edge nicely.

  8. Monte Watson says:

    How do you identify older (better quality) Stanley 705 chisels when searching ebay? How far back do you have to go in order to be sure you are getting a good quality chisel?

  9. Shinshokuful says:

    How can you find that a measurement unit requiring you using "5/16" is practical…

  10. bajojohn says:

    I got a set of Ashley Iles chisels and they are pretty amazing. I was given a gift of a box of chisels from an estate sale that happened to have footprint chisels in there. After refurbishing them, I prefer them. They aren't as refined as the Iles chisels, but they seem to hold as good of an edge, and if I drop them, they are relatively cheep to replace.

  11. Sorry this video sucked. You basically said "marples tools are good!, narex tools are bad, I bought some marples tools for my kids! uhhh, here's some other brands i don't have but they're pretty good!" Sorry but this wasn't helpful at all.

  12. but that's just it! no one will tell me what "quality steel…"    means!!!!!!!!!! rrrrrrr!  I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     does not compute!!!!!!!!!!

  13. do I just buy one of the brands you recommend and hope it works for me?!? or is there a caliber of steel best used for wood chisels?    thanks.   and how would I check this on a used set?   so confused!!!!!!!!!!!      :,-(

  14. X FireBall says:

    Are chisels made from Crv good?

  15. Ey mate you say you don't like the Narex, i been looking online and getting a lot of good reviews and some not so good. Could it be the difference between the ones you got and the Narex Premium?
    What do you think of Stanley 16-791 Sweetheart 750 Series Socket, A set of 8 are only $70 AU more the Narex Premium. Only thing i don't like is that i can't find Stanley's in metric.
    As for mortise the reviews on the Narex are 99% good.

  16. I'm Brazilian and I'm afficionated for tools, mainly tools for working on woods. I'm really interested in chisels and hand planers. Would it be possible to buy them and recieve them here in my address?

  17. Igor says:

    i also bought whole set of mortise chisels and only used two of them so far…

  18. nice, but good luck finding old quality chisels for a value these days.. vintage is big bucks.

  19. Tony Raven says:

    I clicked the web link but it wanted me to subscribe before I could figure out if your information was of any use to me or if you were just another spammer. Thought I'd comment just so you know that not everyone is ready to jump right in before they know what you're selling. Thanks anyway.

  20. i just like the bling on your table

  21. Kayla Thomas says:

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  22. If you don't have good steel, you don't have a blade. Period. I take a high speed steel drill bit with me when I shop for chisels and gouges. If I can scratch the blade with the drill bit, I don't buy it. When I can, I forge my own chisels, gouges and turning tools. My favorite material is really old, big, rusty files. They put real steel in the old ones. In addition I use the center shaft out of a McPherson strut. You can harden that stuff like glass.

  23. Just a personal preference, but I've been quite happy with my Narex chisels. Certainly not the best around, but excellent value for somebody getting started out.

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