Hand tool projects & tips for the beginner woodworking

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December 15, 2016
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December 16, 2016

Hand tool projects & tips for the beginner woodworking bring to your work will be extraordinary and distinctive from machine-produced pieces with hand tool woodworking. This video will inspire you to move away from your power tools and try woodworking with your hands alone.
hand tool projects & tips for the beginner woodworking
Hand tool woodworking



  1. excellent very comprehensive. I can tell you know your stuff. M

  2. Shill says:

    Absolutely brilliant. I've watched many videos on sharpening hand tools and none are if this caliber. I love that he doesn't ignore the existence of modern hand tools. This will be my go to guide for years to come.

  3. Daveos Lee says:

    Great informative video. I like how you show examples of everything, like your water box. I'm looking forward to your other videos. Keep the info coming Sir I am your new sponge.I just sub,and on my way to checkout your backlogged vids. Thank you!

  4. Ricardo Mori says:

    Hey all, the best woodworking blueprints ever is here https://t.co/q9s3FHxcgS Without a doubt the most useful woodworking plans ever.

  5. The best wood working video I have ever seen.

  6. Laticia Cull says:

    I made it, learned on woodprix website. great solutions I think.

  7. Go to woodprix if you'd like to build it yourself.

  8. Peg Dimarco says:

    You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

  9. dear sir : I have learned and benefited from your sharpening demonstrations …. I think you are a person of great experience and your teachings are most valuable of most on you tube.
    Please advise use on more of your important and practical experience on tools and wood workings.

    another aspect is the focusing of the cameraman on in the most critical aspects of teaching …. like zooming of the various angels of the demonstrations.

    I learned allot from you

    Thanks for the efforts that you have put for teaching beginners … god bless

  10. surataL says:

    28:23 "a little more wiping and it's time to put this piece of shit plane back together"

  11. 666Tomato666 says:

    one thing that is missing is how to prepare the grinder – how to centre, true and dress the wheel. Which types of wheels to select (material, grit) would also be nice.

  12. Incredible! I at last have my fantasy shed..and what, couldn't believe the time and cash the entire work spared me [Link Here==https://t.co/RbPbupodVQ ]. This is the best I've ever run over.

  13. Gordon Jones says:

    I simply fabricated a 10×12 shed for storing away my woods using this  [Link Here==https://t.co/VDdPdA3doT ]. I adore the simple regulated directions, they are so unmistakably penned down that even a novice can utilize them to outline like an expert. It's astounding!

  14. Juan Gil says:

    "mans first caulking"
    that was what made me subscribe

  15. I've been looking for med-high quality, affordable hand tools. Any suggestions?

  16. This was the best woodworking video I've seen in a long time. All skill & craftsmanship from someone who learned the trade properly. That boatbuilder's joint on the Japanese waterstone box was truly something else … Even better, it was over an hour with no mention of pocket holes!

  17. I am indescribably impressed. As a kid, first entering the workforce, I brought home the phrase, "tricks of the trade" which my father immediately corrected. "Don't learn the tricks, learn the trade." This gentleman has mastered the trade. It is evident even in the brief digressions. Thumbed up with enthusiasm!

  18. gavi 876 says:

    Very clear instruction for beginners. Nice job.

  19. is there more? what a great teacher

  20. I stumbled upon this because I want to build a new table. This gentleman shows techniques that may be lost to the newer generations..we need more people like this man.

  21. i need to spend years with this man, what an artist

  22. Robert S says:

    You have a weird accent. Are you German or Russian?

  23. n124lp says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to share all of this basic knowledge. One of the many advantages of doing a formal apprenticeship, is that you not only learn all of the basic techniques, but also how to teach them to others. I wish the USA would incorporate formal apprenticeships into their educational system, the way that it is done in many European countries.

    I look forward to watching more of your videos.

  24. John Hammond says:

    Thank you Frank for a wonderful vid. You are a Master Craftsman and a Masterful Instructor.Best wishes.John from Australia.

  25. A Name says:

    The very essence of the art form is captured here.

  26. 12:00 that's a piece of advise that only masters. I very much appreciate your work on sharing this knowledge.

  27. Percy Madon says:

    fantastic, any other video on basics

  28. John Szuba says:

    Makes me want to go and sharpen all my tools, the right way.  Great video!!!!

  29. MARVELLOUS work Sir , like to keep the tools up to the edge ,video helped a lot , learn a lot of things , very inspiring , keep up the work

  30. There were a few parts in this video I audibly said, "Wow." Truly impressed and I learned a lot. I was quite disappointed that the video cut off at the end while chiseling out the dovetails though. Haha. Subscribed!

  31. Best video ever, huge respect for the man behind the workbench! Please do more of these.

  32. Donovan Lym says:

    This guy makes you want to go around the back of the house and break out the (woodworking) tools!  Excellent video.

  33. What a fascinating fascinating video !

  34. Very good stuff!!!!!!!!!!

  35. MiRuS Λιν says:

    Hello sir!
    I'm interested in woodworking, and I'm going graduate high school in two years and I will be attending to a college, I'm deciding whether i should go to a "general" college or like more "woodworking" colllege? What did you do to become a woodworking worker?
    Could you give me some advices?

  36. 84toyota4wd says:

    Imagine all those disposal razor blades over the years after watching this…

  37. 84toyota4wd says:

    Really enjoying this, I got cut off the other day and had to come back and find your video. Your like Bob Ross for carpenters man.

  38. Wow! Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible on Google also has some neat plans in it for those that are into this amazing craft!

  39. Excellent tips, thank you!

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