Hand Tool Woodworking – Cutting The Housing / Dado Joint Without A Saw

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October 9, 2017
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October 13, 2017

Woodworking with hand tools doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. I love to work with a minimal tool kit and in this video I discuss my method for cutting housing / dado joints without a saw and why I like to do this in much of my furniture building. A similar method can be used for cutting rebates / rabbet joints.

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  1. Your videos are great. Don't stop making them.

  2. colmhain says:

    I appreciate how some of your videos aren't just "how-tos", but seem to dive into woodworking theory.  Good stuff.  Now, I'm a lefty, and found I was often forced to use my right hand due to circumstances. (bench or horse orientation, power tool design, being on a ladder or walk-board,etc.)  After 27 years  I've become quite ambidextrous with tools, though I still have a strong hand and a finesse hand.  It's a very helpful skill.  I don't have to un-clamp, and spin, re-clamp stock If my plane starts tearing, I don't have to cross my arms when chiseling or sawing in confined or awkward spaces.  the list goes on and on.  I try to encourage this skill in others as well.  You may be the only other person I've heard mention this skill.  Thanks for the affirmation!

  3. hello richard, i have a question regarding what you said about rip filing all your saws. does rip filing a saw and using it for cross cutting work just fine? i only have a dovetail saw for riping with some kind of modified fleam i know nothing about that alows it to cross cut as well, is this what youve done with your saws?or do you just file them as regular rip and use them for cross cutiing as well?

  4. CajunCoder says:

    The reason I watch your channel is precisely because of your minimalist methodology! As someone new to woodworking, and fond of hand tools, I don't have all of the perfect, specialized tools for the job, much less an array of power tools which most people use in their instructions. I want to know how to make the best use of the basic tool set I already own – not how to use expensive, unnecessarily specialized tools that I'd have to go out and buy!

  5. Greetings from Canada, I'm just getting started in minimalist woodworking. This was a wonderfully informative video. Thanks!

  6. Tim Schunk says:

    Awesome. Thanks for education. Beauty in simplicity

  7. EKettler90 says:

    I'm very glad I saw this. I'm fairly new to woodworking, an can't really spend exorbitant sums on fancy tools that most people seem essential. Kind of a load off that I don't need 5 grand worth of tools to make something nice.

  8. Andrew Frudd says:

    Great video. I like your approach too, its the skills in the hands rather than the tools in the hands that make the difference type thing. Have you seen Paul Sellers video of the poor mans router plane? It is basically just a small chisel through a board

  9. Many woodworking plan's instructions aren't created by woodworkers. Because of this they can not tell if a step doesn't sound right. You are likely to end up being in disappointment following wrong instruction.

  10. You are an excellent craftsman. Thank you.

  11. Lion Rønnow says:

    when you start to remove the waste with the chisel is it with bevel down or up??? great video

  12. Thanks for this.
    (But what a depressing-looking workshop!)

  13. Great video. I don't have a router plane and at the moment, I'm struggling with cutting a lengthwise groove in box sides for a sliding lid. The groove needs to be 3/8 thick, 3/8 deep and the length of the sides and back. Is it feasible to do that without a router plane to make the depth uniform? Any advice?

  14. Don Walker says:

    can a chisel do the work of a plow plane?

  15. WSG Studios says:

    whatch wrangelerstar

  16. Bella says:

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  17. Tony Y says:

    Thor mallet, knife cut edges & hand router plane — a Paul Sellers fan/watcher! Nothing wrong with that. 😉

  18. Slant Six says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for posting this!

  19. BF Florida says:

    great stuff.. tip.. better (louder audio)

  20. Happy Times says:

    Very good vid, you should do some more, how do you make sure you don't knock back the wall

  21. With this woodwork plan [Check Details Here⇒>☞★☞https://plus.google.com/u/3/110086446704524205338/posts/AdB3e6wj7Uj ] I resembled one taken by the hand and drove regulated from beginning to end. Much thanks!

  22. Paul Cook says:

    Router plane? Amazing, thank you.

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