Handmade Iron on Log Decor by Mitchell Dillman

Ideas for Incorporating a Wood Bench Into Your Décor
April 28, 2017
Bear Market Coffee by DUA, Dublin – Ireland
April 30, 2017

Watch Handmade Iron on Log Decor by Mitchell Dillman http://LogFurnitureHowTo.com and learn how to take what most consider firewood and transform it into modern rustic home decor.

Learn more about how-to make your own log decor and home furnishings go to: http://LogFurnitureHowTo.com



  1. you betcha, thanks for the sub! 😀

  2. I'm getting my cable TV shut off – there's enough good watching on youtube to keep me busy for life. Your channel is awsome

  3. ahahaha — right on, save some money, thank you for watching!

  4. yes, you know, i saw the same thing…thank you for watching!

  5. womans backside but nice work

  6. Devinn Shaww says:

    Great idea man! i might lookinto making one of these for the cabin!

  7. Devinn Shaww says:

    Cape breton, Highlands. My dad has some property out there

  8. Wow im glad I found your channel , I have lots of wood im gonna take down around my property and I have some great ideas from YOU now lol!, Now im gonna get some popcorn and watch the rest of your vids! thanks so much! -Jp

  9. Right On…now that's what it's all about! Always happy to offer up inspiration. Now get out there and make some cool stuff, and be sure to take some videos!

  10. Hunter Green says:

    Very good job. How much did you sell these for, if you don't mind my asking please ? Thanks. Very beautiful. Was there another video with the completed project ? I just saw this and the previous one with you cutting n sanding the log. Mark in Ky.

  11. Hunter Green says:

    P.s. just subscribed. :))

  12. Right On…Thanks Hunter, see you again next week! =)

  13. justin smith says:

    Love watching a craftsman work. great Vid!

  14. Heri Unitech says:

    hi Mr. Greeting from Indonesia….Nice Job…

  15. thank you justin, watch for new videos every Friday!

  16. hello from Colorful Colorado…Thank You for watching! =)

  17. Thanks for the education. Cheers

  18. im really pretty impressed once again for your works

  19. čovječe, ne vidiš da je to drvo u obliku ženskog tijela…guza i leđa? sa ovime kukama si upropastio ljepotu koja se mogla izvući iz ovog komada i dobro naplatiti.

  20. T. DesMarais says:

    Welcome to the world of blacksmithing ! It's funny how many of us blacksmiths do woodworking and vise versa.

    I love the work you do. I am starting a few log benches which brought me to your page.

    May I suggest building yourself a gas forge from an old 20lb propane tank. You can then heat all the metal bits at once to a perfect heat and do all the forging at one time without needing to handle the torch.

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