How Do They Recycle Steel?

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December 13, 2016
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December 13, 2016

In How Do They Recycle Steel?, sparks fly and molten metal runs white hot on its way from scrap to fresh steel. Film without words.

Directed by Tina Keeper – 1999



  1. accountname0 says:

    Narration would've been nice.

  2. Agui007 says:

    I don't know why any minute I'm expecting to see Arnie and the T-1000 do battle!

  3. vampov says:

    The benefit metals have over carbon fiber.

  4. this remind me the movie Terminator

  5. MW says:


  6. There is a way ahead with steel recycling. Australia used to ship scrap metal to Japan in the years leading up to World War 2. Metal recycling put The Newcastle steel works in Australia out of business in 1999. Well, that is what I deduce as having happened, anyway. I took four shopping bags full of tennis ball steel cylinder containers to an independent metals recycler last Thursday – three days ago – so that it never went through local council sorting. Walked down the highway to do it. Not enough weight to get me any cash however.

  7. Asian Guy says:

    Damn, its like a scene right out of Terminator 2.

  8. Tom Y says:

    not a word spoken?  good and bad, one thing has to be explained is how to separate different metal content in the lava

  9. acejenkins80 says:

    They use the illuminati eye in their logo and on their page they have some sort of owl artwork, also illuminati symbolism. Weird. Cool video though.

  10. tyfinancial says:

    wow big one .   maybe i would start will smaller machine :)

  11. How about just a bit of dialogue?  I mean, maybe tell us something?  We came here to be educated.  Great effort with the filming but just maybe explain what is happening and why?  

  12. So why is steel scrap so cheap? I bring in 800 pounds at a time and get around $20 this is made into new junk and sold for lots of money lol. You need the scrap don't you? Don't have to dig it out of the ground or nothing.

  13. whez08 says:

    Can I pay somebody to let me drop some steel parts directly into the melting bowl?

  14. thetrain3000 says:

    what temperature is required to melt the metal?  is it sorted prior before it's melted down?  what fuel is used to achieve the required temperature?

  15. Tony Stark says:

    This how you can make iron suit

  16. Epzilonz says:

    How much electricity this uses?

  17. yep… Learned absolutely nothing from this video.

  18. How can 56447 persons have pressed "like" on this video?

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