How to age wood and transfer images to wood

Why You Need a Mirror in Every Room
January 3, 2017
Reclaimed wood for DIY projects
January 4, 2017

learn how to make new wool look old and reclaimed, like weathered barn wood, plus use your printer and liquid patina to transfer images onto wood, learn how to dry brush distress and use glaze
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  1. Kayla Smith says:

    this made me feel a lot better about using an inkjet printer since many have said inkjet doesn't work as well as laser regarding the opacity of the print transfer science and i was a bit worried but I'm glad you had a successful result after 24 hours so I'll definitely be trying this technique

  2. Javier OH says:

    Hey how can i buy the glue on México ?

  3. Zarah Iqbal says:

    where can I get this sort of wood from in the uk?

  4. 139thPVICoF says:

    great pitcher this guy is a true civil war  person

  5. Axel says:

    Haha, great video. Funny, informative, nice editing, dare I say sexy ( please don´t be offended but you are in a funny playful sarcastic way)…All the ingredients for a great video…

  6. mod podge does the same thing as the amazing discovery lol

  7. Great Video! You're adorable and made if fun to watch and learn. Love the commentary mixed with Fun!! I will try the project. Thank you!!

  8. What's the name of that paint

  9. Ive never had much luck getting all of the paper off in between the letters..any tips?

  10. Philo Junkie says:

    nice video. what kind of paper did you use to transfer the photo ? HVS 80 or Artpaper ?

  11. Awesome video, thank you!

  12. uhmm… I have been transferring with medium like this for over 24 years as an artist… Laura Brewer did not discover this method as it's been around since the 1940s. I was actually "retaught" this method in Fine Arts school and self discovered it as an early teenager by experimenting in the days with no Youtube and internet. I also tried it with wax and other mediums but acrylic medium works best. What seems new today is actually not. Please revise what you are saying in your video if you can. Love your video just not the bit with Laura Brewer inventing transfers! if she is claiming this it is absolutely false and an insult to serious Fine Artists all over the world who are also into mixed media.

  13. Dru says:

    This is the first video of yours that I've ever seen and I loved it. Subscribed!

  14. Becki Pyatt says:

    Probably the best video ever on YouTube.

  15. chad brown says:

    Really cool video. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it. So I gotta ask. What song is that?!

  16. Lane Haynes says:

    she just sounds so dumb

  17. ammo4392 says:

    No DIY paint in my area. Where can I get some?

  18. who would dislike this lol. This lady is a trip! thanks for sharing! We learned alot

  19. Juju Howell says:

    Love, Love, love your vids. I love the music, pls let us know the name.

  20. I don't like you at all

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