How to Build a Bench Seat. Rustic Recycled Wood Furniture.

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June 7, 2017
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How to make a wooden bench from reclaimed wood. Recycled wood projects, whether it’s from pallet wood or old fence palings, the end result can be fantastic! In this video l am using reclaimed hardwood fence palings to build a rustic wooden bench seat. Rustic wood furniture has to be one of my favourites.
Reclaimed wood furniture is making a comeback and for good reason. It’s environmentally responsible and the cost of the project can be cheap because you are utilizing somebody else’s trash. It’s win win.

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For this Bench Seat Project You Will Need:
10 Hardwood Palings
About one metre (4 feet) of Fence Rail.

Wood Glue,
Drop Saw or Circular Saw.
Tape Measure
Clear Varnish.
Method to Build the Rustic Wooden Bench:
Cut your reclaimed timber hardwood palings to length. You will need three long one’s for the top (you can cut these to any length you want). You will need to cut eight lengths for the legs at 500mm (about 19 inches).
Cut a taper on the legs as per video.
Glue and nail the legs together as per video.
Construct the frame for the bench by using palings and fence rail as per the video.
Attach the legs to the table using a generous amount of glue and nailing them to the frame.
Attach the three longest palings to the top of the frame.
Sand and apply two to three coats of marine grade clear satin varnish to the entire bench sanding with a 180 grit paper between coats.

And there you have it. A great little weekend project for anyone to complete over a weekend.

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  1. Pugs Rock says:

    Brilliant! Now I am ashamed of myself for tossing old wood.

  2. That's a great looking bench!

  3. Shane, you certainly kicked butt with that beautiful bench… the gorgeous patina you have achieved with your finish. I,m going to have to build one of these for my shop so when my mates show up, they'll have a comfortable place to park their bums when they drink up all my brew!!

  4. fshkypr says:

    what size of nails did you use. how do nails hold up after time from daily use. thanks

  5. ezyreap says:

    I need about 7 different tools plus a ute. But I will eventually get it all. I want to first build a work bench. SHANE…hurry up with your internet service lol.

  6. Dave says:

    as always top stuff!!

  7. Paul Johnson says:

    Great project thanks for sharing, its inspired me to go and have a crack at something a little different.

  8. I absolutely love your work. I'm getting started in doing wood projects myself. Do you use brad nails on most of your projects ? And what tools should I invest in? I have a circular and table saw and reciprocating saw , drills and air compressor and everyday tools. Thanks again for making these videos very helpful !!!

  9. The taper on the legs is a classy touch and the subtle teal colour is perfect. A top bench thingy. Thanks!

  10. I would like to see this in a coffee table style with a long drawer at the end for three rifles. I would put an inner box for shells, locks and such.

  11. Adam Fairley says:

    love your work chief. really inspired me to bang some stuff up.
    Cheers mate. subbed

  12. Brian Riley says:

    We have a small Christian school in Burleson, Texas (Holy Cross Christian Academy) and we started a shop class two years ago and we built your bench last year and I can not remember if I thanked you or not….
    Thank you – for all your ideas.

  13. If you had to build this again, what would you do different?

  14. Jorge VooDoo says:

    Dear uncle, inspired by the bench of this video I started my own project of reclaimed wood furniture to my surprise I have many customers and I wanted to thank you for the help and inspiration I live in México I´m working in my small backyard but as soon I have a shop I´m going to put your picture in a special place. Thank you so much.

  15. Tom Santos says:

    Por que você não coloca na descrição as medidas?

  16. Oscar Manuel says:

    Im from Argentina …….great channel Shane ….Your are great man. .. Bye men

  17. J Luc says:

    Great project Shane, it's inspired me to make one! Hi from the UK, John.

  18. did you use a circular saw to cut the tapers on the legs

  19. mark mccall says:

    I hope this isn't too naive a question, but is it really going to be solid and strong enough with just those nails?

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