How to build a Rustic Headboard using RECLAIMED WOOD: Woodworking/Distressed/Antique Furniture

How to Make a Spiral Staircase from Reclaimed Materials
April 24, 2017
Meet David Lyell – Online Content Director
April 26, 2017

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How to tips on woodworking projects and tips to build wood furniture. Refinishing and painting antique furniture tips and techniques. This weeks woodworking project I show you how to build a Rustic Headboard using reclaimed wood such as old barn wood, driftwood, and pallets. I build the headboard to look like an old rustic distressed fence gate. I also demonstrate how to paint new hardware and give it an antique finish.


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  1. Awesome to hear you're going to make more vidz. I'm thinking of making some furniture myself and uploading the process on YouTube. You inspired me lol.

  2. mizhollylaw says:

    Hang yourself a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the handle, and you're good to go. 🙂

  3. awesome thanks for the tips that table looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Josh Gaines says:

    Strip and blue the metal next time… Pretty easy… walmart has what you need… check it out

  5. Hey! I'm over here, to your left! 🙂 Great vids braah, keep it up. I live in Ky and am going to make some of your projects and see how they sell. My wife is from Lakeland not far from where you live, great weather!! ( 9 months out of the year )

  6. Yeah brother! We need more videos. I've had trouble sleeping lately, so I've been down in the shop working on various things (all in the reclaimed nature). Got a pallet wood adirondack style chair going and a table top for my ottoman, so I can use it like a coffee table for my remotes (also out of pallets). I keep ducking in here for ideas. Cheers man.

  7. Love your tips!!! Decorating my bedroom in a beach theme! Love the headboard! Beautiful! Thanks for you tips:)

  8. Looks great! I'm just getting started with working with reclaimed wood.

    Thanks 🙂

  9. mark duncan says:

    You are a 'natural'!! I especially liked the table made of 'driftwood!! Keep the projects coming!!

  10. So cool!!! Great work!!!

  11. Gee Dubb says:

    another great project! Next time you take a stroll to the beach, bring back a bucket of real wet sand and just bury some hardware in if for a week or two. That should give you a good start for rust patina. If you heat your metal up then stick it in that sand, it will speed the process too. All natural versus mriatic acid. Thanks again

  12. AdjaninClara says:

    where do you get all these great ideas! thanks so much!! very cool.

  13. mehrunissa says:

    You are amazing! Inspired for my own headboard project!

  14. What is the soundtrack you used at the end of this clip?.. Its got a killer beat

    Anyhow, love all of the vids you make, all super cool ideas and great walkthroughs. I actually just finished my own pallet coffee table that I was inspired by yours.. just waiting for everything to dry up right now..
    But yeah, just wanted to drop by and show some support. Keep up the great work!

    p.s., you could probably make some good money selling some of your stuff online

  15. Kate Pearson says:

    i paint on reclaimed wood- really like your vids-inspired me to start recording my paintings

  16. That's awesome Kate! I'd love to see some of your painting videos!

  17. Kate Pearson says:

    ofcourse ! there are a few of them on my channel. They arent anything fancy but finding that video is a really fun medium – i would put the link but it wont alow it on here .

  18. carrie4492 says:

    Your house must look pretty awesome with all the things you make.

  19. Yes I do, HERE! Lol!

  20. Jason McGinn says:

    WoodWorking for Mere Mortals has a few fun ones.
    Just search youtube and you'll find some

  21. denver ewing says:

    Great job man I learned a lot from you thanks

  22. Love this!! Minimal in action! Very inspiring!

  23. denise cryer says:

    this is awesome thanks for sharing

  24. mascottie says:

    You're an artist. This is amazing. Come back and show us more!

  25. mascottie says:

    And the hardware turned out awesome. Looks really aged

  26. You are so cool!!!! Keep em' coming! 😉

  27. This is so cute! I love this! I wish I was skilled enough to recreate it, but I don't think it would come out as nice as yours!

  28. Donna R says:

    I'm in the process of making something similar so your video is very helpful.  When you state you used dark wax to age up the fence post cap, what exactly did you use.  Is it a stain?  Thanks!

  29. hey beach bum, equal parts of clorox and white vinegar mix, drop in hardware and almost instantly will start to rust..(as long as hardware is not galvanized). Wear a mask though, you don't want to breathe in the stuff!

  30. that thing turned out sick brother, very nicely done. the hardware turned out spot on man. great video

  31. Liss says:

    This looks awesome. I would have loved to see a photo of it in place, behind the bed.

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