How To Build an Industrial Reclaimed Filing Cabinet

Adam Johnson ’06 — Sustainable Design from Reclaimed Wood
February 2, 2017
Honest Encouragement
February 4, 2017

In this video I build a reclaimed industrial filing cabinet. Using old framing timber, barn wood, and angle iron.

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  1. love this project! but the audio of the tools are so loud and your voice is not. i had to keep changing the volumes. :(

  2. Orleck says:

    thanks for the video, really cool idea, exactly what I was asking google to find me.

    I must ask though, was the whistling sound you, or a bird? It was tripping me out :D

  3. Beautiful cabinet! Love the narration as well :)

  4. echeaz says:

    F_&"#! epic video! Would love to see you build a war room master table with wheels, drawers and shelves, maybe secret compartments.

  5. Very nice work! i very much like steel + reclaimed wood.

  6. BlitzCraig says:

    Dig it man! These are gorgeous.

  7. like the rustic look

  8. great video. What did you use for a camera to film it?

  9. lockodonis says:

    Very nice, only small change I'd make would be to put the draw sliders equidistant to each other!! But that is my OCD on overdrive!

  10. alce pinot says:

    lower the audio when you're cutting sth, loved the result though, subbed!

  11. You sound like Anthony Bourdain.

  12. Rowan Murphy says:

    I know you don't discuss pricing on YouTube, but where do you sell your stuff? It's great work!

  13. David Adams says:

    John, this is very cool. Love this kind of stuff. Question. Did I miss a step? The face frame you started with when assembling the carcass protruded beyond the angle iron depth. Did you trim that out before putting the drawer assembly in? Love all your work and thank you for sharing. DA

  14. Joe Kerr says:

    Like the industrial Styl too … nice work …

  15. John, great job. thumbs up. I have an only commentary, I dont know what editing software are you using. But I recommend you to use waves L2 plugin, to normalize your voice with the rest of the video. its a great audio tool. again… great job.

  16. what type of sander was that? great job

  17. Dude, this are very nice beehives

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