How to Build Industrial Shelves with Reclaimed Wood | Craftsman

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February 25, 2017
Building A Reclaimed Barn Wood Table
February 26, 2017

Bring the rustic feel of industrial furniture into your favorite space. Watch as Frank Fontana shows how to build industrial shelves with reclaimed wood and angle iron. Get the step-by-step project plan here:

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This Craftsman video is about how to build industrial shelves with reclaimed wood.



  1. dude…. u looks like Steven Seagalls son

  2. Rc Awesome says:

    I don't like reclaimed wood I'm afraid that the original owner will come back

  3. Why use reclaimed wood if you're just going to paint over it?

  4. Wait…dowels are called wood screws now?

  5. Is this the transformers 4 guy?!

  6. bryce86777 says:

    No mention of how shelves are attached to the legs

  7. downDOGMA says:

    Yay! More industrial!!

  8. Matt G says:

    i don't trust anyone named frank fontaine

  9. The only one that is not an issue of whether it was not immediately available to all of them are so many things I you can get it to me that you have a

  10. Mr Frog says:

    Or I could just get the free ones that are on craigslist every week.

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