How to Go Bold with Color in Your Dining Room

April 3, 2017
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April 4, 2017

Mealtime and parties are often high-energy events for families and their guests. And a fun way to enhance that sociable environment is with stimulating color. Color is often the most noticeable design element in a room, so amp it up and set a dynamic mood.

Rainbow blocked shelves in dining room

Source: Wohn Idee

Red, pink, orange, and rainbow palettes all add life to a dining area. Let’s explore how each option can establish your dining room or eat-in kitchen as a spot of conversation, laughter, and connection.


Source: Homes & Gardens, photo by Polly Wreford, via The Room Edit

Red: Passionate and Optimistic

Red is the most invigorating of all the colors, associated with warmth and energy, and red is known to stimulate the appetite. You can choose a vibrant red or a warmer, more subdued red. And you don’t need to paint all of the walls red. Try one painted accent wall or just add some small touches of red here and there.


Bright pink vintage dining chairs

Source: Selina Lake, Romantic Style via Bright.Bazaar, photo by Debi Treloar

Pink: Soft and Sociable

Pink is a gentler hue than red but still creates a fresh, cheerful atmosphere. There are many variations of pink, from a very pale, almost white pink to a lovely warm brown-pink. Again, you can paint an accent wall or choose some striking pink chairs to go around the dining table.


Orange and teal dining room

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Orange: Warm and Happy

Orange comes from mixing two primary colors together, which combines the warmth of red with the happiness of yellow. An orange hue has the stimulating properties of red and the uplifting fun of yellow. And orange works well with many other colors, such as blue, grey, green, red, or yellow.


Source: House to Home via Ideal Home

Rainbow: The Excitement of Variety

If you decide to leave your walls white, you can still add a lot of color and personality to your dining room with accessories and furniture. Variations in color draw your eye around the table, perhaps up to a light fixture, and across the room to some bright paintings. Choose multi-colored chairs for a mix-and-match rainbow effect. Play with various shades and intensity to get a look you like.


Colorful dining room table of tropical boatwood

A Bold Colorful Dining Room Table

One last tip for bringing color into your dining space: choose a bold table that acts as a piece of art. The Buoy Crazy Dining Table is made from a patchwork of tropical boatwood, so it provides abundant visual interest. Pair it with simple white chairs to keep the table as the focal point, or choose one or two colors from the table as accent colors in the room. Imagine the Buoy Crazy Dining Table with white seating and red accessories against a green accent wall — spectacular.


When it comes time to spice up your meals and entertaining, don’t be afraid to go bold and call on some intense colors for your dining area.

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