How to Make a Spiral Staircase from Reclaimed Materials

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April 24, 2017
How to build a Rustic Headboard using RECLAIMED WOOD: Woodworking/Distressed/Antique Furniture
April 24, 2017

Spiral staircase DIY Project. The manshed needed an internal staircase to save me having to go outside to access the upstairs. I didnt want a straight stair and always wanted a spiral staircase because they look so cool. Prices second hand vary from £150 to thousands so thats out the question. My skills with timber doesnt stretch far enough to be making the entire thing out of timber so this was the simplest and cheapest solution.
Norm from the end house was taking the acros to the skip so i got those for nothing. You can find old rusty acro jacks here and there if you look and ask around.
The angle iron was another skip find and just needed cutting.
The timber came from the same old elusive hillbilly about 15 years ago when I had a shop. It was originally the counter and when the shop shut I took it away. Cost here was £10 per slab with each slab measuring 6 feet by 2 wide and approx 2inch thick. A mixture of oak and douglas fir I reckon. I used about 3 slabs in total.
Approximately £10 on 3meters of 12mm threaded bar, washers and nuts. I didnt cover the threaded bar part in the video that holds each tread to the next. Never mind its not rocket appliances.

Theres minimal if nearly non existant plans, sizes were guessed mostly, i dont really do maths so angles and circumferences can suck my balls, i just go by the size of my feet, a ruler and some string.

Tools used in this project, not all of them are necessary, they just can make things go quicker and give neater results.
Clarke Metal bandsaw
Ryobi Jigsaw
Makita Belt sander (burnt it out on this project)
Sealey 160amp Arc Welder
Challenge 9inch Grinder
Ryobi Electric drill
Elu planer
Black and Decker circular saw
Assorted hand tools, hammer, paint brush, set square, string, pencil

Thanks for watching, if youre interested in a simple wood project, have a look at making a viking chair, i made a video here –



  1. Love your work man, next time I leave the IOM I would like to pay you a visit for a chat!

  2. sharky09000 says:

    Very nice stairs mate, next job a camara stand?

    It would make life easier, if less fun while working, lol ;).

  3. Correalian says:

    Very nice work there 🙂

  4. Looks lovely. I've seen them cutting the floor like that on cartoons but the outcome isn't as pretty. 😉

  5. aoifeone says:

    Brilliant, very good, was it hard to figure out the length of the sleeves that the threads are welded to ?

  6. Nice staircase & nice armoury!

  7. E Wyant says:

    Love the staircase, and the firearms.

  8. munch mallow says:

    quite an impressive arsenal there buddy you expecting a bit of bother

  9. Steve Dejka says:

    Thanks for the ideas and taking the time to create and post… and yeah, the video is almost a bigger job than the project – so much appreciation! Gonna build me own for the deck up to master bedroom. Cheers from Colorado… a hunters paradise!

  10. nice video! may i know the dimension of each part of it?

  11. Rob Conger says:

    is that a ramones t-shirt?

  12. This is a great build, Bongo!

  13. hey any chance u could explain how u set it out? im starting out in carpentry and very interested in how you actually did it

  14. Steven Gates says:

    Luv the guns for fuck sake!! Nice work brother!!

  15. wow, you're talented .. this looks amazing !

  16. Nice job there dude, this right here is y your my kinda guy, imagination to make fantastic things from other everyday things that u have at hand, it's a skill in its self dude that lots of folk just don't have! improv of the finest kind! luv it, n looks great finished to 😀 respect

  17. 0NEANDONLY says:

    welds look like frankenstein busted. turn up that heat!! but i think you got enough weld to hold 500 people

  18. Reminds me of the movie "Brazil" where the maintenance men dropped the hole plug through the floor! They didn't know the company changed to metrics from English measurements!

  19. Michael says:

    What shop did you have?

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