How To Make Faux “Reclaimed Lumber” Furniture by Mark Prior

Start to finish . Prima Salvage District collection Mixed media canvas. Project for youtube hop
January 27, 2017
Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal
January 29, 2017

A step by step on how to make new construction-grade lumber look like “reclaimed lumber.”

In this video, I make a coffee table and TV stand.



  1. Love the table and your work.  Way too much talking. But overall, good video.

  2. Loni Goodman says:

    bad ass wood work. a few to many "uhms"

  3. J-TEK JUNKY says:

    noob mistake on the size………..note to self ''take a tape measure'' lol good vid but to much gas bagging

  4. macarollo says:

    I noticed that you screwed bracing board perpendicular to the wood grain, which would not allow for wood expansion/contraction. How has the table held up? Is it still flat? Has it started to bow or crack anywhere?

  5. el1061 says:

    Very Nice project but damn dude SHUT THE FUCK UP Geeez u talk sooo much : ) Thanx keep it up projects i mean not the talkin

  6. maprior1 says:

    I have never been so insulted and complimented at the same time. So fuck you and thank you, I guess. LOL

    But really, I know I was a chatty Cathy on this vid. ha ha

  7. Kory James says:

    Its an interesting looking piece. I have questions as to whether it is going to stand up over time. Without jointed glue faces, seasonal movement wil probably make those glue joints fail over time.

  8. ignore the comments man, you do good work

  9. prado gomez says:

    I don't mind your justification, i can understand that it is part of your process, what amaze me is your project you came out with a beauty of imperfection…cool.

  10. Mike Ames says:

    ummmm, yeah, cool project.

  11. SHIVA SHIVAM says:


  12. Just Me says:

    hi I like ur idea and I do build furniture and rustic also on your end that u said came out wobblie from the saw cut, heres how I get a straight edge better first using a straight edge I scribe a line across the top making sure its square then use a ruff grit sand paper and it down to the line then switching to a finer grit sand the line off this works to get rid of any wobble cuts.

  13. space radish says:

    Thank you for sharing. I'm a beginner (very) wood worker. What kind of glue did you use?

  14. Luís Simei says:

    Only conversation!!!

  15. 44 + fucking minutes. I just pulled the damn tab across the bottom until I got to the actual project. What the hell.

  16. Liu Alice says:

    the table is so beautiful!

  17. Beautiful end results. and I LOVE to watch DIY projects but just a tiny bit of advice if I may. Less talking and more showing. You must have said "uh" a million times! Im really not trying to be harsh. You did two AMAZING pieces but it was almost painful to go to the end without skipping. I didnt feel like I missed anything at all by skipping either. Anyway, thanks for sharing your work and look forward to seeing more from you just hoping you get the hang of making helpful, short and to the point videos :)

  18. Deb C says:

    Great work!

  19. Wade B says:

    How dd you attach the legs of the coffee table to the top?

  20. joshua hand says:

    theres a reason diresta has cities of followers

  21. You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .

  22. Suzi Q says:

    Wow!! Awesome work. Very beautiful !

  23. joseph b says:

    This is how you do something really simple of something what would likely be hard. Remembers me about Hyezmar’s woodworking plan which can be found online, have a good one!

  24. Hi Mark – Great Video
    I am wondering what the color stain/paint combo is on the tv stand on the far right leg (front panel piece)…

  25. Super , love that . Just too much talk , I just jump the video all the time .

  26. Hey bro this is so cool!!! Thanks… I was looking for some ideas… Chido!!!

  27. Im sure you can build it too guys. Just look for woodprix page

  28. you definitely love to hear yourself talk. Jesus Christ! I stopped watching at 2:34..

  29. More wood projects should be done with color. Good job, and make more videos. Almost 100,000 views!

  30. super loyal says:

    omg dude you may have ended up with a half decent table
    but your voice over bored the fuck out of me
    and your one tone voice went straight threw me
    so i had to jump straight to the end to see what it looked like
    if your just goingnto narrate over your project plz
    make it more fun then you don't sent us all to sleep
    but fair play you needed up with a nice table
    shame about the colour was you smoking crack when you painted it
    it looks like a 3yr old painted for you
    infect no you couldn't of been smoking because we would have got
    a better voice over

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