How To Make Industrial Iron Pipe Shelves

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December 22, 2016
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December 22, 2016

Iron pipe shelves and shelving is a great way to add an industrial feel to any room without breaking your wallet. Making industrial iron pipe shelves can be done in an afternoon and can be mounted just about anywhere.

For Materials you will need:

10″ x 2″ plank of wood. (Length depends on shelf length)

Iron Pipe For Each Shelf:
4x 1/2″ Flanges – (affiliate)
2x 1/2″ 2.5″ Nipples – (affiliate)
2x 1/2″ 4.5″ Nipples – (affiliate)
2x 1/2″ 90 Degree Elbows – (affiliate)

Here is a list of what you will need per shelf –



  1. DJs BrewTube says:

    Nice video.  Cool DIY project.  Those would work well behind a bar.

  2. JenCatSmiles says:

    These are awesome! Check mine out… Let me know what you think :o)

  3. Allen Blake says:

    Great look! Exactly what I'm after. Any idea of weight capacity with the drywall anchors?

  4. I love these! I'm planning on making some for my sons bathroom!

  5. Might want to check your info on ordering pipe from Amazon. Just sourced your Amazon link with Home Depot and prices were identical.

  6. aransom808 says:

    look so awesome. Weekend project

  7. matt Wat says:

    one question, how come you didn't put the screws in on a stud? you would think to do that because of the weight and the shelves would be a lot more sturdy? let me know how your shelves are now, i hope to get mine done this week, Good Job on yours.

  8. The anchors might be rated for 75 lbs but the drywall isn't …lol

  9. You say to get 2 flanges but you mean 4, didn't realize that till after I left the store T_T

  10. The Rommel says:

    Amazing brother!!! Thanks!

  11. I'd feel better if the spacing would have included studs on both wall mounts.

  12. Looks AMAZING! And I actually think my handi-not-capable self could do this! YAY!

  13. grissopia says:

    I really want to make shelves like this, but it's really hard to find the iron piping in the UK.  There are places that sell them, but they cost a fortune.  Great video. x

  14. gman hgh says:

    Can u use 6/2 inch wood for this shelf

  15. gman hgh says:

    Great thanks have searched everywhere can't get them in in Ireland will buy them from ur link let u know how I get on thanks again

  16. gman hgh says:

    What size pipe extensions would u recommend maybe

  17. gman hgh says:

    Ok great thanks for ur help

  18. Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'woodprix' website:)

  19. Kesha Borja says:

    It's simple, Just go to woodprix page – and enter the Wooden World.

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