How to Make Wood Look Old & Weathered (Texture Trick!)

Barn doors on long sliding hardware for wide or big openings
June 3, 2017
The spot store by Modelart Arhitekti, Novi Sad and Belgrade – Serbia
June 5, 2017

Let me show you a super simple way to add an awesome aged texture to wood to give it that old, distressed, weathered look of barn wood, pallet wood, etc. I’ll also show you a couple of finishing ideas to make the wood grain pop even more.

DIY Faux Barn Wood Paint Trick:

Pallet Wood Paint Trick:

How to Distress Wood with a Pressure Washer (Barnwood Texture Trick):

DIY Colored Wood Stain:

Homemade Wood Stain (Iron Acetate):

DIY Tea Wood Stain Booster:

DIY Copper Wood Stain:

Shoe Polish Wood Stain:

Ikea Table Makeover with Pallet Wood:

How to Build a Simple Pallet Wood Table:

DIY Zip-Tied Pallet Wood Doormat:

DIY Wood Crate Table:

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  1. Brilliant! Thanks a lot! <3

  2. Henry Bulger says:

    Thank you! now I can make some natural looking for my close-up backgrounds

  3. Big D says:

    Great video! Thank you!

  4. I am trying to refinish an old night stand that I found. I brought it home and started sanding it and was super disappointed to find that it is MDF, not 'wood'. I still want to continue on with the project, but just painting it looks awful because I chipped it up pretty well trying to chisel that layer of veneer off. I was thinking it might be better to try to make it look roughed up or add texture somehow, that's how I found your video. You have real wood though so I think that I'd get different results. Do you have any suggestions at all of how to add texture to MDF? I'd appreciate the help if you have a minute! Thank you!

  5. Bobby Wahler says:

    My only gripe, left over wood from previous projects is NOT reclaimed wood.

  6. This is amazing! As someone who is new to this whole distressing furniture thing (but TOTALLY love it!), you've given me hope that I can pull something off. Really wanting to do my dining table, very scared though :/

  7. Slap Stick says:

    The staining is awesome. Best I've seen out of a hundred youtube videos and my own. I'm subbing to see more. The table was great, I like the angle support, but the window frame around the table top was not too appealing. I understand its suppose to look salvaged or old, but maybe a metal edge, or edge banding or old fashioned joinery at the corners would be nicer. I guess it depends how much you got paid. Pretty awesome overall!

  8. Lee Kuhn says:

    how long does your brush last?

  9. this is really nice but you talk to much

  10. Adam says:

    Exposed pocket holes lol…NOT cool..

  11. where did you find that brush to fit in the end of the drill bit? my home depot only has the ones for a grinder. thank you

  12. Tesla Kaul says:

    I have been searching everywhere on how to texture like this, thank you!

  13. Idea to propose… could you just powerwash the wood? That has the same tendency to remove the softer wood (ie leave the harder grain lines). It would be quicker and not leave those criss-cross lines. The drying from the water would add time though. It would be great to hear your feedback and/or see if you can try that method in another video.

  14. Pam Smith says:

    Kevin, LOVE this video and your methodology. Thanks for posting!

  15. MentallFloss says:

    Awesome video thank you very much learned a lot here
    Can you please tell me what clear coat means or what product are you using ? is it some kind of varnish ?
    English's not my native language and some technical names I can't really understand what they mean

  16. Jakob K says:

    master level .. really awesome .. love the grey wood stain

  17. ultra8magnus says:

    Dude! You're awesome! I need your help! I'm finishing an electric guitar and I want to "distress" the wood. Tips? Should I take a steel grinding brush to it like in this vid?

  18. Awesome finishes…cheers!

  19. Kado 34 says:

    it looks like your tongue is in jail

  20. Have you been inhaling paint fumes? You can't make your own slovenly work "really awesome" just by saying that over and over. "Really awesome" is not some mystical incantation that magically hypnotizes others into overlooking glaring obvious flaws. You took nine and a half minutes to describe what could be done in two, and your method is clumsy. You used the wrong type of wire wheel. Just look at those corners of that "rustic" table: not mitered, open gaps, mis-cut ends. Sloppy and shitty is not "really cool." It's just sloppy and shitty.

  21. Leslie Fox says:

    Love this video! Just what I was looking for.

  22. Leslie Fox says:

    …although I am struggling to find the link to your tutorial on to how to finish wood like the piece on the bottom middle (the grey one). Where is it?

  23. Solecita says:

    Wow! Looks very nice! Thank you

  24. girl0007 says:

    whats wrong with you people?? you did a great job man- all this is very foreign to me- would it work on ikea unfinished wood?

  25. Nice!! also love the way you handle the trolls!! Folks, if you think he is taking too long to get to the point, please click on the settings icon on the video, set the speed to 1.25.

  26. ianevans666 says:

    good tutorial video liking it well worth the watch keep up the good work

  27. can I use this technique on already painted wood?

  28. Have you ever done this with spalted wood? I'm new to all of this and I really like the look of raised grain and spalted wood but haven't seen the combination of the 2.

  29. Thanks for this! I learned a new trick today! I always wondered how this was done! You did great! Thanks again!

  30. misty skies says:

    I thought it was a fab video and instruction – thanks for sharing 🙂

  31. Hello MrDiyDork. Your video was great. I love the texture and I feel like using it on my future project. Thanks for the tip and that table in the end was very nice too. Thanks and have a great day 🙂

  32. Carl Hungus says:

    Awesome techniques…thanks

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