How to Style a Glass-Top Coffee Table

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December 28, 2016
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Styling coffee tables can be a challenge, especially with attention-getting pieces like EcoChic boatwood coffee tables. You don’t want your accessories competing with the color and shape of your furniture. 

A see-through glass top, such as the one featured in the Apocalypso Coffee Table, poses a further test of creativity. Since the objects arranged on glass stand out more, they must be particularly well-chosen.

So why style your coffee table in the first place? A bare coffee table can make your space look like a furniture showroom. All that’s missing is the price tag. And let’s be honest: a clear surface rarely stays clear for long.

Despite the challenge, styling your coffee table is a worthwhile way to make your room feel more put together and to repel clutter.  The right accessories will keep your coffee table looking posh instead of plain.


Source: Natalie Xanthakis, Mint Love Social Club

Think About Function

What do you need? A remote control for the television, a box of tissues, a place to put your drink? Perhaps some wooden matches to light incense or a set of wine glass charms for company?

Look for storage containers that can double as decorative elements, such as ceramic bowls, painted boxes, and woven baskets.


Source: Tiffany Eastman via Mix and Chic

Use Books and Trays as Base Elements

Books and trays add height and interest, so build on them. Stack attractive books with the largest at the bottom, aligned at the center. Try to keep a coherent colour scheme in mind when choosing which books to display.

Include a Collection

You might want to arrange something small on top of a stack of books or a tray. Add interest with shells, stones, pottery bowls, or even children’s crafts and collectible toys.


Source: Mary Ann Pickett at Classic Casual Home

Bring in Plants

Plants add life and texture to your space. You could use a fresh-cut bouquet, a potted plant, or just some greenery you cut from outside. Even an artificial plant arrangement can look amazing without the need for maintenance.


Source: Gabriella Palumbo via My Domaine

Re-arrange Until Everything Feels Balanced

Collect all of your elements and rearrange until you’re happy with the coffee table display, adding and eliminating as necessary. Some glass-top tables have a glass shelf underneath, giving you two levels to work with.

Remember that sometimes less is more, especially when the table itself is as eye-catching as the Apocalypso Coffee Table. Make sure to leave some open space for your glass of wine as you sit back and admire your styling finesse.

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