Ideas for Incorporating a Wood Bench Into Your Décor

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April 27, 2017
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For a modern room that’s feeling unfinished, we’ve got some ideas for making things interesting by adding a wood bench to the mix. Why wood? Two reasons: contrast and comfort.


Source: Michael Grant in Dwell

First, contrast. Wood is often associated with the rustic design style, along with other natural materials like rattan, twigs, plants, shells, and woven fabric. So if you have a sleek contemporary space, a piece of wood furniture will add contrast on many levels. Think of the opposites attracting — weathered and modern, matte and shiny, colored and monochrome, irregular and uniform.


Source: Carina Olander via My Scandinavian Home

Next, comfort. Wood benches add warmth and softness to the look of a room, and their practical uses make the space more enjoyable to inhabit. A bench can be a spot to sit, to hold a useful and beautiful object, to hide an unwanted feature or break up a long window … all gracious functions that invite you to relax.

Here are a few of our ideas for introducing a wood bench into your home.


Source: Mark Ashby Design

Warm Up a Modern Room

Very modern spaces, with their black and white, hard edges, shiny chrome, and smooth leather, can feel a bit cold. A natural wood bench, with its organic texture, will soften the modern edge and make a room more welcoming.


Source: Andrew Wood, Simply Scandinavian via Room Envy

Play Well with Windows

In a room with a large or long window space, you don’t want to block the view with a lot of furniture. Instead, place a long low bench or ledge along the window to extend your living space. If you choose a wood bench, the unobtrusive seating and display space will create a connection with the outdoors.


Source: Kara Rosenlund

Anchor Your Artwork

Hanging artwork on a white wall is a good start for breaking up the severity of a modern room with some color and softness. Finish it off with a wood bench underneath to ground the art and allow for more flexible use of the space.


Source: EcoChic

Add the Thrill of Color

Wood doesn’t have to be neutral. Choose a bright piece like our Bay Dreamer Bench when you want a punch of color and excitement. The Bay Dreamer bridges rustic and modern — its clean lines and square edges are softened by textured tropical boatwood.


Source: Cococozy

Go for Timeless Simplicity

There’s almost nothing simpler than a bench: a long horizontal seat held up by four legs. That shape, which goes back aeons, gives a sense of timelessness to any room. Again, the warmth and age of wood makes a modern space restful and approachable.


You can see from these ideas just how versatile a wood bench can be — at the foot of a bed, behind a sofa, under a window, or along a hallway. Wherever you put it, a bench is sure to welcome you home.

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