Industrial Coffee Table John Malecki/IntotheDirtshop

Client Spotlight: Fit Republic RiNo
January 21, 2017
reclaimed wood top
January 23, 2017

My good friend and local Pittsburgh maker, John Malecki and I build a coffee table from some reclaimed barn wood and steel!

Should we do more of these collabs? Let us know in the video poll or in the comments!

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Song Attribution:
Music – “Swansong” by Josh Woodward. Free download:

Music – “Darien Gap” by Josh Woodward. Free download:



  1. Very cool table. Are you going to finish the metal in any way?

  2. Nice one fellas. Looks great.

  3. Nice build. You both did a great job. Very nice video too.

  4. BCDesign says:

    really nice video,really well edited,the finished table looks amazing!

  5. Nice job. Smooth video

  6. great video, great build!!i really like how this turned out!!☆☆☆☆☆

  7. Josh Millar says:

    Awesome video and awesome table!

  8. knives&stuff says:

    Amazing! I will Subscribe to John's channel

  9. Nice work, guys — I vote yes on the collaborations!

  10. Great build! It turned out great. Keep it up!

  11. Nice table! Great job!!

  12. Looks really GOOD fellas!

  13. Awesome table. Brilliant video regarding production quality especially the nice feel good music. Is the music available for purchase anywhere. Really enjoyed watching. Greetings from Cape Town.

  14. Holden Sky says:

    I may have missed it in the video, but did you weld some kind of platform for the wood?

  15. S Elliott says:

    Hello ! Really nice job ! Can you tell me the name of the product you use at 5'21 (the orange aerosol). Thanks !

  16. Muito bom, que o bom Deus vos abençoe!

  17. what finish is un the metal?

  18. Rifat Ali says:

    Nice job you guise but the camera motion was a bit sickening.
    It got better at the end tho.

  19. Krys Wee says:

    What did You apply onto the wood? What kind of spray is that?

  20. did you weld metal stops on the top tubing to keep the wood from falling thru with holes in the stops for wood screws on the b ottom to h old the wood top

  21. Kingslanding says:

    What is the dimension of this coffee table? nice work!

  22. Matheious X says:

    good job but need to learn not to dig into the metal with the flap disc, stay nice and flat, if you have to dig the metal wasnt alligned properly.

  23. Stop playing with focus… what a headache! nevertheless, good project & video!

  24. mike mehdi says:

    hi i admire your work,very nice result, i just wondered how much this table could cost if you sold it?

  25. Nice job boys, look very cool.

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