Installing Plank|Wood Genuine Reclaimed Wood Planks

June 1, 2017
Barn doors on long sliding hardware for wide or big openings
June 3, 2017

How to install a Plank|Wood wall. A reclaimed wood accent wall has never been this easy. DIY in a no time flat! Always free shipping.



  1. SMS CUSTOMS says:

    I want to do this in my garage but have paneling all the way around that is pretty level. Would it be better to rip paneling out or can I go right over it. I will be putting shelving up.
    Thank you.

  2. Wow, she is very attractive and talented too.

  3. Patrick Jung says:

    these planks are pretty expensive. I have about 70 square feet to cover and it approximately estimated around $800 dollar. sob ;(

  4. Hi what adhesive did you use? I'm planning to use wood glue, will it work? Also my drywall is painted will the adhesive or glue work?  Thanks…

  5. That's hilarious that she's cutting them with a compound miter saw in the living room on the carpet in the video hahaha, my wife would kick my a$$. Sawdust much?

  6. Babsy Babsy says:

    how do you determine the stagger pattern

  7. Silk 68 says:

    I like how u put the Woman in the Video for 4 planks. Who did the rest of it ?????

  8. carlos Rongo says:

    Beatiful ass !!! Love it

  9. Ilan Levi says:

    Hi, what if I want to cover a concrete wall? I assume gluing will be better, if so, what kind of glue?

  10. do you know how long you have to hold that plank to the wall to while the glue cures? plus, running brad nails thru the wood into drywall isn't gonna hold crap.

  11. orean brown says:

    Great Video!! How do you cut around the electrical outlets and switches?

  12. Where do you find wood like that? All I can think to do is get plywood and rip it into sheets, but that doesn't have the old/rustic feel.

  13. Jeremy Jones says:

    Wabash, what wood variety is in the video? Is this a mix of different products or one color package?

  14. John Cooper says:

    Hi, Hope you can help. I am doing this in my bedroom but the wall i am doing it on, there is an external wall the other side the internal wall. Will putting the wooden panels straight on the wall create damp? Should i use battens?

  15. Mars Gaming says:

    does it cause splinters? i have 2 toddlers thats my only main concern

  16. Blu says:

    Wabash Lumber Co. My wall is currently white, do you recommend that I cover it with one coat of darker paint (black, brown, etc) before installing Reclaimed Mixed?

  17. Hikoplays says:

    was not what i was looking for but call me inspired right now

  18. brickit26 says:

    Why not start from the top and work your way down to avoid a small rip at the top or having two rips at the top and bottom?

  19. Scott Taylor says:

    awesome video!
    I wonder if the wood from wood palettes would be good enough wood to use.

  20. Mike Hawk says:

    WTF is she measuring…

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