Interior Design — How To Decorate An Eclectic Bedroom

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Seattle
January 1, 2017
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January 1, 2017

On, see Lynda Reeves conjure an artist-studio inspired bedroom and seating area in the Elte showroom in Toronto. Learn why she picked the pieces she did, and get her tips on mixing different periods and materials — from reclaimed wood to recycled iron — to convey personality.

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  1. Karen Pena says:

    Wow, what a dream. This is exactly my style, just wish I knew how to put it together myself. I think too much about it…

    Great video

  2. I like it, but too many chairs for one bedroom.

  3. KindaKrafty says:

    Wow…the color scheme seems to come right out of your shirt..I love it and I really love all of the different items you chose to make this so diverse and appealing…!!

  4. mpenny226 says:

    beautiful but too many chairs in the room for my taste..still I REALLY like it. That rug just makes it! 

  5. nate li says:

    too many chairs, making the place look cramp in my opinion

  6. Love it! I think it supposed to have several chairs since it is a bedroom "sitting room" area 😉 

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!

  8. ovrjoyd4u2 says:

    Great pieces but I agree it was a little cluttered.

  9. Wow your girls and you nailed it on this room.  From the denim rug on I just fell in love.  The finished product is what I would gladly have in a loft I would live in.  Simply beautiful!

  10. Alessandra A says:

    This was awesome to watch 😀 great job girls 

  11. evitasd says:

    Someone please help,
    I cannot get the name of the artist of the dog pictures on the shelves…..I tried to google what sounded like it but no luck.
    Can anyone help me, please?

  12. Too many chairs! How many people live in that bedroom? My husband and I have one chair in our bedroom because its not like we hang out in there, since we have a whole house. I can see having two chairs if you live in a shared living arrangement. I could see having three if you live in a dorm or one room space, but then if that were the case, I would think the sitting space would be done differently altogether. 

  13. Nhi Ly says:

    The big lamp is too big, and the plastic chair looks uncomfortable

  14. dallalom says:

    Hello love your style. Are you Australian??? Is the furniture store in AUS

  15. Kynthos Yuat says:

    Amazing. Every piece is a conversational piece.

  16. Lady Lioness says:

    how many chairs do u really need in a bedroom? wow other than that not too bad 

  17. Darcy Vawser says:

    Sigourney Weaver anyone else?

  18. It's really lovely and the colours are totally on trend but where would you put all your clothes/makeup and general stuff???

  19. Too many chairs. Two floor lamps are too much and too much art work with that huge mirror on the wall with a tall headboard. 

  20. Justmylukc says:

    too many things. Imagine how closed in you would feel in a real bedroom.

  21. J C says:

    Love it, but why 3 chairs in a room with a large bed and a settee? The wire chair should take the place of the safari chair, and the safari chair + horn chair need to go.

  22. Nadia Cao says:

    Amazing! Oh my gosh 

  23. Does anyone have an idea of how much all the pieces would cost? A rough estimate would work. Thanks

  24. I was okay with everything but that last chair.  It was not necessary.  Isn't that what Coco Channel said.  Some thing about take off the last thing you put on.  Don't need that chair!

  25. I love the orange and blue  accents however I can't help but, Imagine the price tag on each piece. I guess when you can spend that much on a room to look unmatched but well together you have a spate wardrobe room for clothing and  accessories the dressers and boxes and baskets to hold such items?

  26. A bunch of odd overly expensive pieces thrown together haphazardly. I've seen infinitely more interesting interiors done with pieces from flea markets. I found the bullcrap explanations for you poor choices interesting. You are sure full of something and it is not a gift for interior design.

  27. Niki 1 says:

    Look so borred, most item bought expensive but still doesnt look beauty nature for me.

  28. M says:

    I beg of you not to use Buddhas as decorative items. Especially since it is religious and really shows disrespect when any religious items are used for style rather than faith.

  29. Too much, it is just a show piece rather than a functional room.

  30. Very nice! Except the chair I guess :-)

  31. I personally wouldn't let either one of you  touch any room in my home if this is any example

  32. Very pretty. Not loving the use of animal hide, but the white chair in a different covering would be fabulous. It was interesting at the end when the camera angle showed just how many pillows and how far down the bed they were placed to look right on camera.

  33. Love the rug with the pop of color from the bench!

  34. AS 7TR says:

    Typical work of people whose called themselves " designers" but in the reality probably not one of them have a degree from reputable university… Don't get me wrong, I love the colour scheme, all items maybe great as individual but the overall its so "fake", very "show home look".. its not real… They didnt think the function & practicality at all… First, why do you need three chairs in the bedroom?plus a bench? why you need all of them? I am sure it will only two person maximum sleep in that bed and use that bedroom. Secondly, why choose that big floor lamp? where infact there is no lamp that suitable for reading the book etc? how you switch on/off that big floor lamp in that corner where there is chair infront of it? unless maybe they thinking use a remote control? lol .. The real good designer always think about function, practicality, works in day to day living beside also have to looks great that matching the personality of person (s) that use the space (s)…

  35. Bunny Mad says:

    Hmmm. I like the colours and I can see what you were doing to show how all those different pieces could work together harmoniously even tho so different in a bedroom/sitting area. Cool. =)

  36. Tina Liu says:

    wow this is amazing, I'll be getting a studio soon, this sure shows me a different way to layout the room XD

  37. Okay, how to go shopping and spend a ton of money and make it look old…ish. And then say love it love it love it it's perfect about everything you've collected from a store

  38. All these negative comments only show how unimaginative the commenters are. Do you really need to be shown everything spelled out? This is a showcase, only meant to give you ideas, to inspire you, to show you things in a different way, not to be copied item by item. A bunch of nincompoops who think they know how to decorate. Really.

  39. Rebe. says:

    So basically the girls do everything .

  40. My room is a converted garage so there is a lot of space its about 19'X19'. I am a college student and I want to decorate my room, my problem is trying to figure out where to move my furniture how much furniture I should have, how to add storage, make it look good yet functional and livable. Is there any advice you can give me? I really need the help lol

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