Iron Orchid Decor Vintage Art Decor Moulds

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February 27, 2017
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March 1, 2017

Introducing Iron Orchid Decor. A versatile line created to make your living space beautiful. Learn all about our IOD Decor Silicone Moulds in this video. For more information visit



  1. Can you use regular kiln fired clay in these molds?

  2. Kialaya A. says:

    I am guessing that as long as you do not put the actual mold in the oven, you can also use polymer clay with them, correct? They look fantastic, hope they are soon available.

  3. So pretty ! How would I connect a chain to them? Or to earrings or a bracelet? Thank you!

  4. Monica Borg says:

    I just ordered number 3 and 6 🙂 I'm so very exited. Have never tried this before, so this is so exiting! I want all 6, but my budget let me buy 2 for now 🙂 I just felt in love when I saw this video!! Amazing 🙂

  5. josie celio says:

    We have found that it actually works really well to glue the piece down while still moist, with a good quality wood glue.

  6. Your work is Incredibly AWESOME! I actually found you by accident and so happy I did…Can anyone please tell me where I can order the molds and paper clay???…Do you have a blog site? I just watched what you did on a album and I am stoked! I am doing our family Ancestry and wanted to make my own Vintage Heirloom Album, but didn't know about this technique..Since my heritage goes back so far , to the 9the century AD, I will probably make a few of them to pass down to the kids..(now adults) I need to buy these items..I love working with the Alchemy paints (Prima) SO SO PRETTY, and that chalk paint is just beautiful…You have a new subscriber, follower, "stalker" (really, I am joking..I am a almost 60 yr old grandma) THUMBS UP, ladies!!!

  7. julie butler says:

    I hope you can advise where I can find a stockist in Australia or how I can buy the stencils and stamps?

  8. jerjer12111 says:

    Can you guys do a polymer clay and make some jewelry pcs start to finish to show possibilities?? Thanks Joyce

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