Jewellery Box From Salvaged Wood

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January 9, 2017
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January 11, 2017

This is a jewellery box I made as a present for my mother a while back. This jewellery box is made from reclaimed teak from a salvaged front door which came from her house. I started by checking the panels for nails with a metal detector then planed them down to size to see what I had to work with. As is the case with a lot of my projects I start with a basic Idea and design it on the fly usually making half what I want and half what the material wants. I used my Mattias Wandel Screw Advance Box Joint Jig for cutting the box joints on the corners, here is a link to where you can get plans. Its a great jig and not too hard to build.

I cut a test piece in some soft wood to get my spacing of the joints which were a little tight and when I moved on to the teak they were very tight and took more persuading than they should have needed but they worked out in the end.

The top is made from some pine shelving, I had intended to use ash but I didn’t have a piece big enough to suit and this is all I had on hand at the time. I used a round over bit to give a relief around the lid and the base this made fitting easier and gave a nice detail. It also began to remind me of the relief on the original door and when the hard ware went on it contributed to that look too.

For the inner compartments I ripped down some strips from the stiles of the door and cut 45 degree angles on the corners, found the placing and cut slots to piece them all together. With hind sight I would have positioned then slots better to hide the joins from the top as some can be seem. I then gave it about 6 coats of spray lacquer and voila.

Hope you enjoyed the build, I love to hear feedback to feel free to comment below.

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  1. Awesome build. Love the wood selection.

  2. Awesome job! Thanks for the video!

  3. you really did a amazing job on the box for your mom,thanks for sharing all the best

  4. Tyson Luster says:

    Looks awesome. How many hours did it take?

  5. Steve Bucci says:

    New subscriber. Very nice reuse of a dwindling resource. Seriously nice jointer.

  6. Nice jewelry box , liked the use of recycled materials and the funky sound track.

  7. Gary Finger says:

    Nice box, take out the insides and remove hinges,.  Drill holes in to so it can be screwed on and you have a nice urn.  Donate for needy people so they won't be paying $300 for a urn.

  8. David Leavy says:

    You are a craftsman well done.

  9. RedSoxKal says:

    Superb and fun to watch

  10. hi! can you make tutorial video for fingerjoint jig @1:00 ?? it's awesome

  11. hi. just found your channel and am enjoying your videos. a couple of questions.. your metal detector.. what make is it please. I have a decent bosch detector but I'm not confident it will find every nail. planer blades can be dear. Looks like you might be uk or Ireland right?

  12. ottodude555 says:

    The lack of safety in this video is absolutely astounding. No riving knife is one thing, but an unguarded jointer?

  13. What is that setup you are using at 1:00?

  14. pretty cool project, all from reclaimed wood, nice touch……cheers

  15. carmen roupp says:

    i need one of theses, guess i will have to make it my self -going to try will see how it goes.

  16. All I really wanted was to learn how to make a box joint. Instead I was inspired with your work of real art! Thanks for all the effort in putting together the video for us.

  17. George Mize says:

    Very nice work, love the soundtrack.

  18. Came for the box, stayed for the music lol
    Awsome box btw! 🙂
    Can you please tell me where the hell did you get the soundtrack? Post link here please or send me a pm :)

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