Junkyards – Where GARBAGE is MONEY! Amazing Documentary

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August 6, 2017
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August 6, 2017

Junkyards – Where GARBAGE is MONEY! Amazing Documentary Film

A wrecking yard (Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian English), scrapyard (British English) or junkyard (American English) is the area of a business in taking apart where damageded or decommissioned cars are brought, their usable parts are sold for usage in running cars, while the unusable steel components, called scrap steel components, are offered to metal-recycling business. Various other terms include wreck lawn, wrecker’s yard, salvage backyard, breakers yard, dismantler and scrapheap. In the United Kingdom, auto salvage backyards are known as automobile breakers, while bike salvage backyards are called bike breakers. In Australia, they are often referred to as romper-stompers, cloankums or recyclable waste retention fields.

A scrapyard is a reusing facility that sells and gets scrap steel. Scrapyards are properly a scrap steel brokerage firm. Scrap lawns generally buy any base metal; for example, iron, steel, stainless steel, metal, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, and nickel would certainly all be found at a modern-day scrapyard.

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  1. I think the greater challenge is not to keep the junk together but the issue of recycle…

  2. I couldn't own a junk yard , because I wouldn't recycle a lot of stuff only with a very bad condition, I rather would try to renew things..

  3. joseflac says:

    In 2:57 is shredder from Tv series Monster garage – Episode Hearse Failture

  4. whats with the boat at 38:16 lol

  5. why sell the scrap metal overseas when we could recycle it at home and save resources? also, why build a car which can be repaired and then destroy it for a new toy? foolishly wasteful, pun intended

  6. if we made computers in such a way that physical upgrades could be slid in and out, replacement would be easy, but only if we standardized them. that way we don't need to trash the computer every few years. more people could then afford computers, ok, second hand units, but still. why build something just to trash it every few years?

  7. daniel bean says:

    isn't money anymore gotta be a slave to sell for 0.02 cents a pd

  8. Nice documentary but, as allways in USA documentaryes, I deeply hate the music so violent, thik, strong, 90% drums !!!!

  9. Back in early 1990 someone handed me a 10 dollar note and an old muffler and said take a hike to the scrapyard over there somewhere and get me another one of those. And so I did. And this yobbo, holding this muffler in one hand, started poring through these shelves of zillions of mufflers for about 20 minutes. No result. So I went back, handed back the 10 dollars and the old muffler and said, " they don't have it ", and he was going, " oh, for Christ's sake ! ".

  10. Fred Sanford's best dream come true! 15:01, and 43:07

  11. Thomas Kaupp says:

    I was born on earth day

  12. @ 22:43 … That just seems cold….lol…

  13. We could not tolerate the horrible shit music for which the History Channel is so well known. Pitiful!

  14. Bobman84 says:

    Never heard any of those so-called 'Australian' terms. Wreckers or parts place is the only term people call them here.

  15. In the junkyard business metal is money the only thing that they don't accept is depleted uranium armor and counterweights. uranium armor is extremely dangerous to process at a scrap yard the reason being is it is radioactive. Anything radioactive comes into the yard the load is rejected and a Decon team comes in and the whole thing is taken to a nuclear storage site and placed in lead cask and then stored Underground. Nuclear waste is one item that is not allowed at a scrap yard that stuff is extremely dangerous.

  16. Scrap, even junk, is a very different thing from garbage.  Some garbage could be possibly be 'recycled' by harvesting the methane it creates.  When people talk about greenhouse gasses, the effects of humans putting garbage in dumps and landfills is rarely considered.

  17. Awesome sculpture – 'The Forevertron' – at the end!

  18. It amazes me how often we throw away things that are still perfectly good, and work fine.  Or could easily be repaired.  And so often the new stuff is not made as well, won't hold up as well, and does not always work as well as the old stuff we tossed.Seriously, are our lives so small that replacing a washer or dryer that works fine will bring us that much joy?!  Or buying new ones, instead of older ones that work fine.  Or can be easily repaired.  (And do we really need 'computerized' washers and dryers, which are MUCH more likely to malfunction, and much more expensive to repair than simple ones that do the job just as well???)Our Nissan Stanza (no longer made) went over 350,000 miles for us.  Purchased with around 88k on it.  Our Ford Aerostar (no longer made) went over 440,000 miles – both with original engines.  (Transmission in the Stanza had to be replaced.)  In the end, rust from road salt got them both – even though salt is of very limited usefulness in the cold region where these cars ran.  A non-corrosive (and truly non-toxic!) material needs to be substituted.  Sharp sand, maybe (not the soft, rounded sand particles found on beaches.)?  Or…?

  19. Jerrin Phox says:

    The computer chips, I was wondering where do you sell that?

  20. Supertrucky says:

    "and the picture part yard has a machine, JUST FOR THAT PURPOSE"

  21. Thats why i build Junk on my channel cause people often throw away good cars to many there are junk but with a little love you you can Build Suhmthing

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