Make Your Rooms More Comfortable and Inviting with Chair Styling

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May 30, 2017
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So you’ve chosen chairs made of wood, wicker, or wire mesh — very chic but maybe a little stiff. Here’s the good news: it’s easy to make chairs comfortable and inviting at the same time.

Styling your side chairs adds an extra level of creativity and appeal to your space, which makes your seating more welcoming to your guests. Here are some examples.


Source: Urban Outfittters

Use Throw Blankets

Not only do throw blankets look great, but they let your guests cozy up and get comfortable. When draped over a hard chair, they add a layer of softness and warmth that will make people want to linger.


Black striped pillows on yellow chairs

Source: Shannon Claire of Burlap and Lace

Use Pillows

It’s no secret that throw pillows are the ultimate design tool. They make any piece of furniture more comfortable and more stylish. And you can change them up easily when you need a fresh look.


Sheepskin draped over desk chair

Image Source: Vintage Revivals

Use Faux Sheepskins

Sheepskins are everywhere these days, and you can see why. They go everywhere, on the floor by your bed, over a bench, over your dining chairs. They are the perfect soft fluffy white and are an interesting irregular shape. If you get tired of a sheepskin on your chair, move it somewhere else — they have endless uses!

Sheepskins on dining chairs

Image Source: Sarah Yates of A House in The Hills


The EcoChic Swell Chair, pictured below, is an ideal candidate for chair styling. Since the seat and back are already popping with color, you can choose a neutral pillow or blanket that has a soft, interesting texture to contrast with the tropical boatwood.

By using these tips, you can turn hard seating into pseudo-soft seating and therefore make it much more flexible, allowing you to change up your seating and rearrange your layout on a whim. The more adaptable you can make your furniture choices, the more use and joy you will get from them. Happy styling!

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