Making A Workbench Out Of Salvaged Things (part 1 of 2)

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February 8, 2017
Soo…What have You Been Doing?
February 10, 2017

Woodwork video. In this video I start making a new workbench for my workshop using salvaged materials. I used three sets of drawers salvaged from an office clearance, some salvaged plywood donated to me by a friend, and some parts from my old workbench too. This will be a 2 part video, second part coming very soon.

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  1. LogrusUK says:

    Top idea of whole meal ripping that drawer out. Sweet. King of Food Decisions!

  2. Classic weekend conversation with wife whilst in the shop… You are a bacon topping away from true perfection! Great video.

  3. ksp1278 says:

    Looks great. Very sturdy.

  4. Great idea with them filing cabinet/draws looks like going have to copy that. Brilliant vid

  5. Goodo1234 says:

    That cream cheese through you off there buddy

  6. dan dwyer says:

    I see your using the erbauer impact driver. How are you you finding it seen people saying it has reliability issues?

  7. Great job Keith wish i could get great stuff like you do were i live, looking forward to the 2nd part.
    TC, Barry (from West Kirby, Wirral)

  8. The one thing I hate is dismantling anything that I have made, I always go overboard when making things that makes it twice as hard to get apart.

  9. Ian Johnson says:

    Looks like an efficient use of space, well done.

  10. Really enjoy watching you upcycle day to day items. Inspiring!

  11. Chem Cody says:

    You have me looking forward to part two Keith.
    Also, congratulations on reaching over 10,000 subscribers.

  12. Shaun Fahey says:

    The bagels looked lovely.

  13. Jim Carter says:

    Really great stuff as always. One question; where did you get your countersink bits from? I've seen them on plenty of US woodwork videos but not sure where's a good source from them here in UK. Cheers!

  14. marcus tandy says:

    great vid! cant wait for part two


  16. Looks great! I hope you saved the drawer slides off the old unit for reuse though.

  17. ben harries says:

    Great video, congrats on 10k subs

  18. Tim Royal says:

    I love your simplest unpretentious builds like this (love the other ones too BTW). Love the way you share your thought processes

  19. i enjoy repurposing stuff. i took two small file cabinets and have made them into shop drawers and tool stands for my light weight tools.

  20. 10,000 well done man….keep up the great work

  21. Mr Frog says:

    You keep me in check, just when I think I could use more room in my shop, you show me how to make the best of it, thank you for the inspiration!

  22. MyJosePrado says:

    Just finished watching your 2 videos on making a workbench from salvaged materials. It was great to see – thanks so much for posting. I'm currently making a set of cabinets that span the width of my garage shop. I'm near completion and proud to say that I have spent nothing on the lumber as I've used nothing but salvaged lumber for the project. That's 55 drawers which fit in 3 face framed boxes. I had hoped to make a video but time in the shop can only be used for carpentry. Still, your video is great inspiration. Please keep sharing videos of salvaged lumber construction. Thanks.

  23. Jessica Cook says:

    Your drill bit isn't centred. It drives me NUTS when mine don't centre in the drill. I broke several drill bits before I figured out it was because the bits weren't centred.

  24. I recognize so many things of myself in you…. 🙂
    But you just do it and I am still at the beginning.

  25. classic287 says:

    There's a lot of big fancy workshops on youtube with the special, expensive Festool equipment, but I feel at home in your shop. Much more interesting and enjoyable.
    I learn much more from you with all your tricks and use of discarded material.

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