Making An End Grain Chopping Board / Butcher’s Block From Salvaged Oak

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April 12, 2017
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April 14, 2017

Woodwork video. In this video I make a chopping board from some salvaged oak hat and coat stands.

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  1. Ben Everard says:

    Nice work! Very inspiring indeed.

  2. pimpinveccy says:

    Be careful with oak it's open grained and bacteria will seep in nice work tho

  3. ksp1278 says:

    Very nice work. Loving your channel. ☺

  4. Nice piece of work. I have a question though, Do you own a router? If yes why didn't you use it to round over the edges instead of the block plane (which looks a bit blunt) or no you havn't, in which case why didn't you just use your sander to do the edges? Well Done anyway no criticism,  Barry (from West KIrby, Wirral)

  5. DCPorter71 says:

    Enjoying your channel ATM. Just my king of thing. Love the recycling.

  6. Nice recycling/upcycling project!

  7. Gorgeous piece, especially after that oil soaked in.

    I love that you make your projects out of reclaimed and recycled stuff that most people would just think of as garbage.

    Thanks for another great video!

  8. Y was your drill on Hammer mode in the last scene of installing the rubber feet just asking

  9. Neil George says:

    Cracking job mate! one of the nicer looking blocks on YT! I personally prefer to see the more natural blocks rather than chessboard and patterned types. Nice techniques and attention to detail you showed also. Thanks for sharing pal. N.

  10. great chopping board,That was a good find 2×2 oak you picked up must be getting on for £100 worth there atleast,I picked up 12 lengths of 3×2 sapele the other day whilst clearing a job,not sure what to do with it yet any way happy woodworking

  11. That's really nice, and It was very clever to think of making this from the feet of some old hat stands.

    I paid £270 for a [bit bigger than yours] maple end grain butchers board last year.

  12. Greg Dykes says:

    Another great salvage project

  13. Your board is stunning and as a reclaimed project really cool. I'm only wondering if you used food safe and waterproof glue? I usually use titebond 3 for my cutting boards and I've never seen a white glue suited for cutting boards… I just curious to know if there is another type of glue available that I'm unaware of?

  14. Matt furg says:

    Job well done' I especially liked the off-setting of the cubes.

  15. john farrell says:

    your wood vice has a quick release lever on. you know

  16. XL Beauty says:

    how come when you're using your belt sanding you don't go straight in wiht the 120 grit belt?

  17. Merllynn1 says:

    Great job fella. What was the oil you used by the way.

  18. I don't know if you have realised yet but you was using the percussion setting used for drilling in masonry

  19. cakepanda says:

    excellent project. finished board looks great. thanks for another informative video Keith!

  20. Talents a says:

    It is possible to put any cooking oil ؟

  21. Lynard Burt says:

    Only woodworkers have end grain cutting boards, chef's use the grain going the other way

  22. Them rubber feet have ruined that project lol. Nice board other than the feet

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