Maximize Small Spaces with Wood Room Dividers

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December 19, 2016
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December 19, 2016

Studio condos and bachelor apartments are going strong. Smaller dwellings can mean cost savings, but they are also becoming popular as people downsize. Millennials and boomers alike are living with less so they can do more. How can you make a small space work for your lifestyle? Here are some tips for using wood room dividers so that every square inch counts.


Image Source: Rebecca Williams via Apartment Therapy, photo by Hayley Kessner

Create Your Own Entry

Many small homes don’t have a distinct entryway where you can put your keys, coat, and shoes and transition from outside in. A divider screen creates the illusion of an entryway to give you an area that functions like a front hall. Choose a wood screen, rather than wire or paper, so that the faux wall feels more substantial.

Create an entryway with a folding screen Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Make Space and Add Function

Use folding screens in awkwardly shaped spaces in order to provide structure. For example, if your furniture doesn’t fit in a long narrow space, divide the space into two distinct areas. The room keeps its open feel because the screen is not a full wall, and you also get the benefit of separate spaces for different activities. A screen is the best way to provide flexible separation for the different functions in your home: sleeping, living, and working.

Wood room dividers in a modern loft

Image Source: Manolo Yllera via decor8

Share a Bedroom

Small space living for families often means that children are sharing a bedroom. Wood room dividers can be a great way to give kids their own space. Use a screen to separate individual areas, and it’s like you’re creating an extra bedroom. Wood gives you a sturdy surface for bulletin boards and drawing areas.

Cork and chalkboard on a folding screen for children

Image Source: Parents Magazine, photo by Alexandra Rowley

Add Privacy on the Balcony

Your outdoor space in a smaller home may feel overexposed to the street or nearby neighbors. A folding privacy screen will give you some soundproofing and a cozy, protected spot for meals and conversation. You can always move a temporary screen if you want to get more sun or watch the night-time fireworks.

Wood privacy screen on a small balcony

Image Source: A Kutch Life

The Luna Sea Room Divider from EcoChic is ideal for your balcony. The marine-grade teak stands up to outdoor weather, and its bright colors add a beautiful focal point.

As families and their needs change, homeowners are looking for flexible options between solid walls and open concept spaces. Thankfully, wood room dividers are here to fill the gap.

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