Minimalist Woodworker Tool Set

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May 18, 2017
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May 20, 2017

This a PowerPoint that includes a list of the minimal list of tools needed to start traditional hand tool woodworking. It breaks down the basic groups of hand tools, provides a list of tool makers, professional woodworkers, woodworking instruction, and educational tools to start a journey into hand tool woodworking at a researched minimum level of the tools needed to get started on an economical budget. Have fun! Let me know if it helps.



  1. GyeGreene says:

    I'm of a similar mind.  Although I'd probably throw in a router plane and a smoothing plane.  But it depends on what you're building.

    When I got into woodworking, I'd grab all sorts of used chisels, hammers, saws etc. from garage sales.  But the more I actually started *building* things, the more I realized that I'd do 90% of my work with the same chisel, the same hammer, the same saw…  😉


  2. GyeGreene says:

    Ah!  Regarding your comment about cordless screwdrivers:  I tried cordless drills for a while, but eventually realized that a $30 *corded* drill was more robust than a $60 *cordless* drill.

    Except for my bench-mounted grinding wheel, and my power drill, I guess I'm a hand-tool woodworker.  🙂

    I tend to salvage wood from short lengths of log, split it out, let it season, and then clean it up.  So I have some splitting wedges, and a coarse-set smoothing plane as a scrub plane, too.

    But, I like your list.  🙂


  3. laundry08 says:

    Can you explain the reasoning behind your choice of chisel sizes? Why 1/4 and 5/8?

  4. i like the idea of minimalist woodworking tool set. I have bought so many tools over the years it has broke me and has not really made me a better carpenter.

  5. wmbtech says:

    Starting my own small woodworking craft, this was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for posting.

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