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June 21, 2017
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June 23, 2017


The sliding barn door look is in.  Most everywhere you look someone has put in a new sliding door.  Some are new, used, rebuilt, custom fit, wood, metal and/or glass.  So pretty much whatever your style and taste happen to be the is one for you.

Not only is this a design trend but it is practical! Doors that swing out or in take up space.  And if you are like most who need a little extra space in their home or you are going for the minimalist look, sliding doors are great!

However, keep in mind that the door slides across the wall hiding part of your wall.  So, if you want wall hangings they must be thin so the door will fit over them and you will only be able to view your picture when the door is closed.  No again if you like more of a minimalist look maybe you don’t want a lot of wall hangings in the first place.  With todays, faux painting and wall papers many looks can be achieved without pictures on the wall.

Another thing about these doors is that they can be make from most anything.  You can even just use an old door.

Hardware is the other thing.  Door handles can be purchased new or you may use about anything laying around to make a pull.  I prefer old iron myself but have also seen rope and leather straps that give the door a rustic look.  Or maybe you like the high polished look and a sleeker line.  You could go with stainless steel or nickel.  When it comes to the sliding mechanism these too can be ordered.  I got mine thru Wal-Mart real cheap.  Amazon also has some great deals.

About my door.  It was made from reclaimed tongue and groove wood. After sorting through to find the least warped pieces I built a jig to make the door.  By using a large piece of plywood, I aligned a 2 x 4 on the long vertical side and a 2×4 on the top side making a “L” shape.  I used a level to make sure my jig was straight as possible.

I laid out my boards and dry fit them to make sure they would go together then used wood glue to hold them.  I screwed in my cross pieces and cut the bottom off to length.

As you see from the picture I have not decided on a door pull yet so my search continues.  I also have to decide what type of finish to put on my wood.  I hope you like it!


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